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President Trump's rallies get extensive airtime on Fox News

President Donald Trump’s campaign-style rallies have found a receptive audience at Fox News Channel, which unlike the other cable news networks often carries his speeches live and in their entirety. Four times in the past few weeks, Fox has set aside its usual prime-time programming to air the president speaking live to supporters at events in South Carolina, Minnesota, North Dakota and West Virginia. The network also promised live coverage of a Trump rally July 5 in Montana, where Sen Jon Tester (D-MT) faces a tough fight for re-election.

California Supreme Court: Yelp can't be ordered to remove posts

A divided California Supreme Court has ruled that online review site cannot be ordered to remove posts against a San Francisco (CA) law firm that a judge determined were defamatory. The 4-3 ruling came in a closely watched case that internet companies warned could be used to silence online speech. A San Francisco judge determined the posts against attorney Dawn Hassell’s firm were defamatory and ordered Yelp in 2014 to remove them. A second judge and a state appeals court upheld the decision.

Facebook: 800K users may have had bug unblock blocked people

Facebook says more than 800,000 users may have been affected by a bug that unblocked people they previously had blocked. The company said that the bug was active between May 29 and June 5. While the person who was unblocked by this bug could not see content users shared with their friends, they could have seen things that were posted to a wider audience. Facebook says the problem has been fixed. It’s the second software bug in less than a month that the company has notified users about.