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Verizon to end location data sales to brokers

Verizon is pledging to stop selling information on phone owners’ locations to data brokers, stepping back from a business practice that has drawn criticism for endangering privacy.

CenturyLink to pay nearly $9 Million in Minnesota overcharge case

CenturyLink has agreed to pay nearly $9 million to settle allegations the company overbilled Minnesota customers, said MN Attorney General Keith Ellison.

Sprint executive messages suggest T-Mobile deal may boost prices

Messages by a Sprint executive revealed in federal court suggested he thought an acquisition by T-Mobile might push up mobile-service prices for consumers, undercutting T-Mobile’s argument that its deal will benefit Americans.

New Mexico still lagging despite broadband investments

More than $300 million has been funneled to New Mexico in recent years to boost broadband access for schools, hospitals and other institutions, but many rural areas remain unserved, a report says.