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Trans-Atlantic war over Google

Europe’s moves to rein in Google -- including a court ruling ordering the search giant to give people a say in what pops up when someone searches their name -- may be seen in Brussels as striking a blow for the little guy.

Free Speech Or Illegal Threats? Justices Could Say

Messages posted on Facebook and Twitter or sent in e-mails can be tasteless, vulgar and even disturbing. But just when do they cross the line from free speech to threats that can be punished as a crime?

Now Application 'Inconsistencies' Vex Health Law

A huge new paperwork headache for the government could also be jeopardizing coverage for some of the millions of people who just got health insurance under President Barack Obama's law.

France Lifts Restrictions on D-Day Video Coverage

France dropped restrictions on live video coverage of ceremonies marking the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Normandy, ensuring that millions of viewers across the world will be able to watch the event as it unfolds.

Online Pirates Thrive On Legitimate Ad Dollars

Movie and music piracy thrives online in part because crafty website operators receive advertising dollars from major companies like Comcast, Ford and McDonald's.

5 Reasons Why Media Execs Top CEO Pay Lists

Once again, media company CEOs are among the highest paid executives in the nation, occupying six of the top 10 earning spots according to an Associated Press/Equilar study.

Study: Political TV Ads on Health Law Total $445M

A new analysis finds the nation's health care overhaul deserves a place in advertising history as the focus of extraordinarily high spending on negative political TV ads that have gone largely unanswered by the law's supporters.

News Organizations Challenge Ban On Drones

Thirteen leading news organizations are challenging the Federal Aviation Administration's ban on journalists' use of drones, saying it violates First Amendment protection for news gathering.

Russia's Putin Calls the Internet a 'CIA Project'

President Vladimir Putin has mocked the Internet as a CIA project and pledged to protect Russia's interests online.

US Newspaper Industry Revenue Fell 2.6 PCT In 2013

US newspaper industry revenue fell in 2013, as increases in circulation revenue weren't high enough to make up for shrinking demand for print advertising, an industry trade group said.