Digital Divide Diaries

Closing the digital divide is about more than policymaking—it’s about storytelling. The soul of the digital divide is not zeros and ones; it has a human face.

These multimedia narratives shed light on the everyday experiences of those grappling with digital inequity—be it access to broadband networks, digital literacy, or affordable internet-connected devices.




The Wires that Bind

How one neighborhood in Detroit grapples with the high cost of internet

Unincarcerated: The Podcast

A two part series focused on the The Digital Divide and how the lack of access to meaningful technology adversely affects incarcerated and unincarcerated humans.

From Unincarcerated Productions in partnership with Adam Echelman and the Benton Institute for Broadband & Society.

Unincarcerated Special Report: The Digital Divide Part One

Unincarcerated Special Report: The Digital Divide Part Two