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After net neutrality, brace for Internet 'fast lanes'

Now that the Federal Communications Commission has repealed net neutrality, it may be time to brace for the arrival of internet "fast lanes" and "slow lanes." Queried about their post-net-neutrality plans, seven major internet providers equivocate

White House temporarily removes petition tool We The People

The White House is temporarily removing We The People, a petition tool, from its website after 11 months of silence, promising to respond to public concerns in 2018. The Trump administration said the platform, used extensively by critics and less

T-Mobile Buys Layer3, Planning Launch of TV service in 2018

T-Mobile is launching a TV service in 2018, becoming the latest company to marry wireless and video. The service will target people who aren't interested in traditional cable and satellite TV packages.

Net Neutrality Fans Vocal As Repeal Looms

Since the Federal Communications Commission announced just before Thanksgiving that it was planning to gut the rules, there have been about 750,000 calls to Congress made through Battle for the Net, a website run by groups that advocate for net ne

Tweeter-in-chief ready to confront China’s ‘great firewall’

President Donald Trump’s arrival in Beijing on Wednesday will serve as a test of reach for his preferred communications tool, Twitter. The White House is declining to comment on the president’s ability to tweet in China or the precautions being ta