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Benton Institute Collaborations

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Making sure that everyone in the U.S. can use High-Performance Broadband is a daunting task. Infrastructure builders, network operators, policymakers, advocates, practitioners, community anchor institutions, and philanthropy are just a few of the many needed to realize the promise and the benefits of universal broadband. Let’s work together to make it happen.

Benton Institute Current Collaborations


In its ongoing collaboration with the Illinois Office of Broadband, Benton implements the Illinois Connected Communities program which provides best practice curriculum, expert consultation, and other resources for community broadband planning and capacity building to communities unserved or underserved by broadband. The 12-month program, which combines state grant funds with community coaching, empowers communities to plot their own broadband futures and design action plans to use this powerful tool to improve community and economic development, education, civic engagement, healthcare, and more.

We jointly publish a bi-weekly newsletter called Illinois Broadband Connections. The newsletter provides information on statewide and local broadband initiatives in Illinois, as well as news of federal actions impacting broadband efforts in our state. The newsletter has tracked the progress of Illinois’ ambitious broadband agenda, growing to an audience of over 1,000 engaged subscribers. Sign up here!


The Benton Institute and the United Soybean Board are working together to understand and explain what kind of broadband connections farmers and ranchers will need to operate effectively and sustainably in the coming years. Building on rural broadband research in USB’s Rural Broadband and the American Farmer (2019), the project will identify diverse solutions to support the deployment of the kind of broadband that agriculture and rural communities require.

Benton convened agricultural leaders and broadband practitioners to discuss the best ways to create, and build awareness for, a rural broadband agenda among key agricultural leaders.

A report will be released in fall 2021.

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We work better when we work together. If you support closing the digital divide, we should explore how a joint effort can help us fulfill our missions.


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