Alabama Senate leader seeks COVID-19 money for broadband

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Alabama Senate Leader Del Marsh (R-12) said he would like to use $800 million of the state’s $1.7 billion coronavirus relief funds to establish broadband through the state. Marsh said distance learning would have been easier to accomplish if the state had better internet access. “Now is the time to take some of that, a big enough section of that money, (for) high-speed broadband across this state, in every corner of this state,” Marsh said. “Had this been in place, our kids would still be in school. Telemedicine would exist for all citizens of this state.” However, it is unclear if broadband access would fall under allowed expenditures of the federal relief act designed to address COVID-19 issues. Gov Kay Ivey’s (R-AL) office said they will seek guidance on the issue.

Republican leader of Alabama Senate seeks COVID-19 money for broadband