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CES 2019: Tech show isn’t immune from government shutdown

The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show is revving up in Las Vegas (NV), but even technology’s biggest trade event isn’t immune to the effects of the partial government shutdown. Organizers said that several scheduled government speakers have canceled their travel plans. These include Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai and at least nine other federal officials. Transportation Sec Elaine Chao is still planning to deliver a keynote talk Jan 9 on federal initiatives to advance drone technology and self-driving vehicles.

How 'net neutrality' became a hot-button issue

Though network neutrality started off more than a decade ago as an insight into how to make networks work most efficiently, it has taken on much larger social and political dimensions lately. The issue has emerged as an anti-monopoly rallying point and even a focus for "resistance" to the Trump Administration.

Anger toward media spreads into local communities

While President Donald Trump’s attacks on the media are usually centered on national outlets like CNN and The New York Times, the attitudes unleashed have filtered down to journalists on the street covering news in local communities across the country. When a president describes the press as enemies of the people, “attitudes shift and the field crews get the brunt of the abuse,” wrote Lori Bentley-Law, a television news photographer for Los Angeles; KNBC-TV. “And it’s not just from one side.