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US to Seek Social Media Details From All Visa Applicants

The State Department wants to require all US visa applicants to submit their social media usernames, previous email addresses and phone numbers, vastly expanding the Trump Administration's enhanced vetting of potential immigrants and visitors. In

Future uncertain for Kentucky broadband network

Frustrated with repeated delays costing taxpayers millions of dollars, the Kentucky Senate has voted to effectively end a project that would bring high-speed internet capability to one of the poorest states in the country. But officials in Gov.

Judge to President Trump: Muting, not blocking followers, may end suit

A judge recommended that President Donald Trump mute rather than block some of his critics from following him on Twitter to resolve a First Amendment lawsuit.  US District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald suggested a settlement as the preferred outcome

Vermont governor directs state to ensure ‘net neutrality’

Gov Phil Scott (R-VT) is working to ensure that all state contracts with internet providers include network neutrality protections. He signed an executive order that applies to all state departments, commissions and boards.

Washington House Passes Bill to Protect Net-Neutrality Rules

The Washington House on Feb 9 passed a bill meant to ensure the state's residents don't see a disruption in internet service. House Bill 2282 passed on a strong bipartisan 93-5 vote and now heads to the Senate for consideration.

Virginia house panel kills 'net neutrality' bill

A bill to prohibit internet service providers from prioritizing or blocking certain websites based on content or hosting platform was killed Feb 6 in a Virginia House subcommittee.

Rhode Island lawmakers seek to counter repeal of net neutrality rules

Lawmakers in Rhode Island have introduced legislation to counter the repeal of federal network neutrality rules.

FCC schedules Feb 7 meeting to address prison cellphone issues

The Federal Communications Commission is following through on its promise to work with corrections and public safety officials to combat contraband cellphones in the nation’s prisons, setting a meeting in Feb to work on the issue.  The meeting amo