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-Charles Benton

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Christopher Ali
March 18, 2019

Senator Cramer’s Office of Rural Broadband Act is the latest effort to coordinate rural broadband planning and policy. Coordination – or lack thereof – has been one of the major hurdles in broadband deployment and in crafting a national rural broadband strategy more generally.

Michael Copps
March 12, 2019

Journalism is fast becoming a vast wasteland. Newsrooms across the land are hollowed out, or in many cases shuttered. And the internet, which was supposed to correct all this, has thus far demonstrably failed the task.

Jonathan Sallet
March 6, 2019

The connective tissue that unites Brandeis’s view of legislative action, the creation and enforcement of antitrust law, and the use of sectoral regulation is the willingness to experiment. We are well-acquainted with Brandeis’s invocation of the “laboratories of the states” but his reliance on experimentation, what we might today call innovation, runs much deeper than that well-known aphorism.

Benton believes that communications policy—rooted in the values of access, equity, and diversity—has the power to deliver new opportunities and strengthen communities to bridge our divides.

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