Since 1981, we have championed communications as the bedrock of democracy.

-Charles Benton

Digital Beat

John Windhausen
February 20, 2019

The end goal of the EBS proceeding should not be to generate revenue and commercialize the EBS segment of the band; rather it should be focused on permanently addressing the homework gap, closing the digital divide in rural areas, ensuring affordable broadband access for all, and accelerating 5G services at a critical time.

Gigi Sohn
February 7, 2019

I’ve been asked tonight to reflect on my career and talk about how I’ve been able to succeed in the field of telecommunications, media and technology policy.

Jonathan Sallet
February 5, 2019

Louis Brandeis appreciated both antitrust remedies and sectorial regulation --  “commissions to regulate public utilities.”

Benton believes that communications policy—rooted in the values of access, equity, and diversity—has the power to deliver new opportunities and strengthen communities to bridge our divides.

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