Charles Benton 1931-2015


Visionary Film Distributor and Philanthropist Helped Reinstitute Presidential Debates

Charles Benton, the founder and chairman of the Benton Foundation, was a determined, passionate, and agile businessman and philanthropist who, over many decades, pursued a vision of empowering people to use the latest communications tools to improve the lives of all.

We regret to report that on April 29, 2015, Mr Benton, 84, died at his home in Evanston from complications from renal cancer. He is survived by his loving wife, Marjorie, daughter Adrianne Furniss, son, Craig, and five grandchildren.

Family, friends, and colleagues remember Charles Benton not just for his many accomplishments, but his passion and enthusiasm; his values and persistent vision; his positive attitude, indomitable spirit and continuous optimism.

Read more about Charles’ full life and learn how to honor him by donating to the Charles Benton Legacy Fund. In addition, see Missing Charles by Michael Copps and the kind remembrances from many other individuals and organizations. We invite you to share your own thoughts, too.


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