coverDigital Inclusion
and Meaningful Broadband
Adoption Initiatives
by Dr Colin Rhinesmith

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broadband-action-plan.pngConnecting Anchor Institutions: A Broadband Action Plan
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coverThe Emerging World of
Broadband Public–Private Partnerships

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I agree with this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. read more
so..... Ericsson's recent mobility report highlights the explosion of video consumption (elsewhere we see both long and short format) over mobile... read more
I like the idea of treating internet communications as a communications service. We have over a hundred years of development of regulation of... read more

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Lifeline Reform

The Federal Communications Commission's Lifeline is a government benefit program that provides discounts on monthly telephone service for eligible low-income consumers. Learn More

Phone to Fiber

On our way to an all-IP future, how do we ensure that our newest technologies continue to support some of our oldest values? Learn More

ConnectED/E-rate Reform

The E-rate program was established in 1997 and represents the federal government’s largest education technology program. Learn More

Tracking Mergers & Acquisitions

Benton has made it easier to track regulatory review of major telecommunications mergers and acquisitions. Learn More

Implementing the National Broadband Plan

America is on the verge of vast new broadband-driven digital transformation that promises to make life more livable, businesses more productive, jobs more plentiful, and the Internet more accessible. Learn More

Tracking Legislation

Congress is poised to make a number of critical yet irreversible decisions this year and next that will shape our communications future for decades to come. Learn More

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