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Gov Walker announces $35.5 million plan to expand broadband in rural areas

Gov Scott Walker (R-WI) is asking the state Legislature to pass a bill that allocates about $35 million to expand broadband and technology in rural areas.

Megyn Kelly: Trump Tried to Influence Coverage

Megyn Kelly says Donald Trump tried unsuccessfully to give her gifts, including a free stay at one of his hotels, as part of what she called his pattern of trying to influence news coverage of his presidential campaign.

A merged AT&T-Time Warner may not do consumers much good

AT&T and Time Warner are playing up how their $85.4 billion merger will lead to innovative new experiences for customers. But analysts, public-interest groups and some politicians are far from convinced.

This app promises privacy through encrypted messaging, but a US subpoena puts it to test

The company responsible for spreading top-of-the-line message encryption across the Internet has had a first legal skirmish with the US government.

Mattel among companies fined for tracking data about children

New York's attorney general says he has reached settlements with Mattel, Viacom, Hasbro and Jumpstart Games stopping them from using tracking technology on their popular children's websites.

Women, Minority TV Director Hiring Lags

The expanding world of TV series is creating more opportunities for female and minority directors, but they remain a fraction of those hired, a Hollywood guild report said.

Study finds 'pervasive and systematic' issues of inequality in Hollywood

Despite widespread attention over diversity in the movie business, a new study finds that little is changing in Hollywood for women, minorities, LGBT people and others who continue to find themselves on the outside of an industry where researchers

Apple boosts iPhone security after powerful spyware targets an activist

A botched attempt to break into an activist's iPhone using hitherto unknown espionage software has triggered a global upgrade of Apple's mobile operating system, researchers said Aug 25.

What New York's free Wi-Fi kiosks mean to the city's homeless

An effort to replace obsolete pay phones with Wi-Fi kiosks that offer free web surfing and phone calls has been a hit with panhandlers and the homeless, the least wired people in the city.

Kentucky’s high-speed network project runs into delays

KentuckyWired hit a speed bump when the planned fiber optic network meant to spread high-speed Internet throughout the state became entangled in longer-than-expected efforts to gain access to utility poles, lawmakers were told.