Benton publications explore the intersection of communications and the public interest.


Next Century Cities

Municipalities across the country are increasingly using technology to ensure government is accessible and responsive to citizens, while simultaneously creating forward-looking programs to increase internet access so more residents can experience the benefits of connectivity.


Colin Rhinesmith, Angela Siefer

This report describes the challenges facing community-based organizations and other key stakeholders in using outcomes-based evaluation to measure the success of their digital inclusion programs and offers recommendations toward addressing these shared barriers.


Joanne Hovis and Marc Schulhof, Jim Baller and Ashley Stelfox

Local governments increasingly see before them exciting new opportunities to develop next-generation broadband in their communities—and to reap the many benefits that broadband will deliver to their residents and businesses. The goal of most of these communities is to get optical fiber connections to every home and business.


Blair Levin, Denise Linn

This is a handbook for city officials seeking the affordable, abundant bandwidth their communities will need to thrive in the decades ahead.


Schools, Healthcare, Libraries Broadband Coalition

The future belongs to those with access to high-speed broadband. In the 21st century, anyone seeking to launch a business, exchange medical records, conduct a research project, obtain a college degree, engage in community activities, or create his or her own path will need both a high-capacity Internet connection and the digital skills necessary to navigate the online world.


Colin Rhinesmith

This report presents findings from a national study of digital inclusion organizations that help low-income individuals and families adopt high-speed Internet service.


Ted Gotsch

In order to guarantee that everyone will have access to 21st century communications, policymakers will need to take pragmatic steps to understand the opportunities and barriers; ensure that everyone can access benefits; and make certain that our newest technologies continue to support some of our oldest values.