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Google employees go public to protest China search engine Dragonfly

More than 30 Google employees have joined a petition protesting the company’s plans to build a search engine that complies with China’s online censorship regime.

Why the Google Walkout Was a Watershed Moment in Tech

Google will never be the same. For two years, regulators, lawmakers, academics and the media have pushed Silicon Valley to alter its world-swallowing ways.

Google Workers Reject Silicon Valley Individualism in Walkout

The most remarkable aspect of the walkout at Google may not have been that an estimated 20,000 people participated or that it had global reach, or even that it came together in less than a week.

Newsroom employees are less diverse than U.S. workers overall

Newsroom employees are more likely to be white and male than US workers overall.

The Washington Post announces plans to expand technology coverage

The Washington Post announced plans to expand its technology coverage, adding 11 new positions for reporters, editors and videographers.

Farm and food policy innovations for the digital age

We urgently need to rethink public policy interventions to help countries navigate opportunities and challenges linked to digital advances in the food economy. The promise of digital disruption in agriculture is enormous.

FTC Announces Agenda for the Oct 15-17 Hearings on Competition and Consumer Protection

The Federal Trade Commission announced the agenda for its Hearings initiative with three full-day sessions, co-sponsored with the Global Antitrust Institute and held at the Antonin Scalia Law School of George Mason University in Arlington (VA) on

Tech Was Supposed to Be Society’s Great Equalizer. What Happened?

In the latest episode of the podcast Crazy/Genius, we ask why the dream of the digital revolution has proven so disappointing for some of its early advocates.

China is Using Tech to ‘Reset the Global Balance of Power,’ Experts Tell Congress

The government needs to diversify and strengthen its efforts to stop China from co-opting the US innovation economy to support its own global ambitions, industry experts told the House Oversight IT Subcommittee on Sept 26.  And tariffs probably ar