Wheeler's Auction: Promises Undelivered

[Commentary] Outgoing Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler said the other day that the auction “delivered on its ambitious promise.” That’s quite a stretch by any measure.

Trump Deregulatory Fever Is Gripping the FCC

[Commentary] Whoever President-elect Donald Trump appoints to head the Federal Communications Commission, broadcasters figure they should be in much better shape than they have been with the outgoing Chairman Tom Wheeler, who provided no relief on

Jessell Alert: Spectrum Auction Terribly Sick

[Commentary] Can you believe this? A year ago, the Federal Communications Commission teased broadcasters with prospective incentive auction opening bids for TV stations ranging from $900 million to $1.2 million.

What Happens If The Spectrum Auction Fails?

Wells Fargo analyst Marci Ryvicker addressed the possibility that the Federal Communications Commission's spectrum incentive auction may fail in a note to investors.

How Trump Term Could Shape the Internet

Republicans who generally oppose regulation seem likely to take charge at the Federal Communications Commission. That alone could mean the end of rules designed to protect privacy and individual choice on the Internet.

The FCC's A Good Place To Size Up Trump

[Commentary] There may be no better way to get a handle on how Donald John Trump will govern than to see who he appoints to replace Tom Wheeler as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

Trump's Media Enmity Threatens a Free Press

[Commentary] As president, [Donald Trump] would be in position to use government agencies to constrain media and to harass and punish individual media companies that offended him during his campaign or that too aggressively cover his administratio

No Matter How You Slice It, Pai Is Right

[Commentary] As one of two Republican commissioners who voted to end the Federal Communications Commission's ban on television-newspaper crossownership only to come up short, FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai summed up his — and the industry's — frustrati