Verizon LTE Multicast Mimics Broadcast Model

Verizon has begun to demo a new approach to delivering video over its vast LTE wireless broadband network that will allow it to mimic and compete with broadcasting.

Internet TV Delivery Set To Pass Antenna-Only

According to a new study from the Consumer Electronics Association, The Market for US Household Television Services, the percentage of US households with a television that relies exclusively on an antenna for reception (6%) is about to be eclipsed

Gannett: Social Plus TV To Drive Programming

David Lougee has an idea for broadcast syndication. If the president of Gannett Broadcasting has it right, by fall 2015, viewers will interact with celebrities on talk shows and game shows via social media on their smartphones and tablets.

Sinclair Plan Shot Down By FCC Fine Print

The Federal Communications Commission has all but slammed the door on a broadcast industry proposal that could have made it easier for TV station groups to introduce a new advanced television standard in the US, broadcast industry sources said.

Retransmission Revenue Seen Hitting $7.6B By 2019

TV broadcasters’ retransmission consent revenue will come in at $4.3 billion in 2014 and continue to grow at a brisk pace, hitting $5.1 billion in 2015 and $7.6 billion in 2019, according to the latest analysis from SNL Kagan.

Wireless Becoming TV's Newest Nemesis

Historically, broadcast TV's biggest foes have been cable and newspapers, but now there seems to one more major adversary: wireless operators.

Nielsen Increases Local Sample Sizes

Nielsen announced what it calls “a significant and broad expansion” to its ongoing sample improvement plan for local television markets.

Repeaters Integral To Next-Gen Mobile Future

Single frequency networks may be the technology that makes it possible for television stations compete with wireless in reaching viewers on their mobile devices.

Antitrust Experts: 2 Big Deals Better Than 1

Antitrust experts say AT&T's bid for DirecTV could reap immediate regulatory rewards.

Deadlines Set On New Joint Retransmission Rule

The new Federal Communications Commission rule barring Top 4 TV stations from negotiating retransmission consent deals together in the same market will go into effect June 18 -- the same day petitions seeking agency reconsideration of the new ban