Free Press Staffer, Pai Get Into Tweet Tiff

After Free Press's Lauren Wilson suggested on Twitter that Federal Communications Commissioner Ajit Pai's concern for people of color is insincere, Commissioner Pai tweeted back that he is proud of his "Indian heritage and I am never going to apol

NAB Compromise Would Allow Some JSAs

In an effort to head off an all-out Federal Communications Commission ban on joint sales agreements, the National Association of Broadcasters rolled out a detailed compromise proposal that would allow some JSAs to continue.

Poll: People Still Seek 'Meaty' News

A new study finds Americans of all ages are charting their own paths across a media landscape that no longer relies on front pages and evening newscasts to dictate what's worth knowing.

NAB Proposes JSA Compromise

Instead of putting the kibosh on all joint sales agreements, the Federal Communications Commission should propose the conditions the agency would require of legitimate station sharing deals -- and then “prohibit only those operations that do not m

Dish-Disney Deal Bodes Well For Affiliates

[Commentary] The Dish-Disney deal got a lot of media play, but none of the coverage I saw considered the impact on network affiliates.

FCC Auction Taking Toll On TV RF Vendors

Electronics Research, a Chandler (IN)-based manufacturer of radio frequency components, waveguide and antennas, has laid off 22 employees, its entire television-related manufacturing and sales force, an apparent consequence of the Federal Communic

FCC Chairman Wheeler's Just Wrong On Duopolies

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission rule barring common ownership of two TV stations in the same market is 40 years old.