Coda Study: Viewers Trust, Believe Local TV News

While national news outlets continue to debate the “fake news” controversy, new evidence confirms that consumers are not questioning the veracity of their local television newscasts, sports reports, weather forecasts and traffic updates.

Sinclair + Tribune = Transformative Force

With Tribune, Sinclair goes from a large collection of TV stations to a national broadcasting platform with ambitions that go far beyond those of the Big Four networks.

Five Rule Changes the FCC Should Consider

[Commentary] Communications attorney Jack Goodman says now that the Federal Communications Commission is focused on deregulation, his wish list includes changes to ownership reports, must carry/retransmission consent elections, children’s programm

Is TV News ‘The Enemy?’ Don’t Ask FCC Chairman Pai

[Commentary] Well, that was a disappointment. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai, who has set himself up as a champion of the First Amendment, failed to stand up for TV news at the Senate Commerce Committee hearing.

Rally Round The First Amendment

[Commentary] President Trump's attacks on the mainstream news media have not only energized them, but have prompted them to work together to plot a common strategy to preserve and expand their First Amendment rights and protections.

Sinclair May Be On The Wrong News Path

[Commentary] Sinclair is building a national TV news organization and there is a lot to like about that. Unfortunately, what's emerging is one with a conservative bent.

Who Says Journalism Is A Dead-End Major?

[Commentary] Journalism models are changing rapidly. But don’t make the mistake of thinking the craft is dying.

History Says Trump Meddling at FCC Unlikely

[Commentary] What's the likelihood federal regulatory agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission will now be employed in President Donald Trump’s “running war with the media”?

Indiana State Senator Brandt Hershman Is Front Runner For FCC GOP Slot

Ajit Pai’s promotion to Federal Communications Commission chairman leaves the Republicans with a 2-1 majority at the agency for the foreseeable future, easing the pressure on President Donald Trump to fill the commission’s two vacant commission se

Former EOBC director asks FCC to End Quiet Period

Former Expanding Opportunities for Broadcasters Coalition (EOBC) and spectrum sales advocate Preston Padden called on the Federal Communications Commission to “immediately end” the commission’s “quiet period” that prohibited communication among in