TV's Future Hinges On DC Technology, Regulation Moves

[Commentary] If you want real insight on where the broadcast television industry is heading -- on its long-term viability -- you have to go to Washington.

Next-Gen Transition Demanding Answers

Sam Matheny, Capitol Broadcasting’s VP of policy and innovation, has several “big buckets” of issues that he says need to be studied and resolved before a successful ATSC 3.0 transition can take place.

FCC Trumps Hill On Retransmission Reform Action

The pay TV industry has scored points in its continuing campaign to reform retransmission consent, both on Capitol Hill and at the Federal Communications Commission -- but any significant additional reforms are more likely to come from the agency

NAB's Smith To ATSC: Next-Gen TV Is Vital

National Association of Broadcasters President Gordon Smith encouraged television engineers to get on with the task of developing a new broadcast TV standard that can provide truly ubiquitous service.

David Smith: Congress Must Save TV's Future

David Smith, CEO-president of Sinclair Broadcast Group, sees congressional and/or court action required to rebalance the regulatory environment so that broadcasters can effectively compete with broadband, telephone and cable companies.

Sinclair-Coherent Plan Alternative To ATSC 3.0

Sinclair Broadcast Group is moving forward with its plan to develop an alternative "next-generation" TV broadcast standard to the one that the Advanced Television Systems Committee is working on.

Good To See NAB Getting Tough With FCC

It's unusual for a trade association to send a cease-and-desist letter to a federal regulatory agency, but that's just what National Association of Broadcasters did.

Black-Oriented TV News: Has Its Time Come?

For the most part, TV news targeting African Americans has been a bust.

Univision CEO Says Comcast-Time Warner Cable Deal Is Bad for Hispanics

Univision CEO Randy Falco said that federal regulators should at the very least impose "much tougher restrictions" on Comcast as conditions on approving Comcast's merger with Time Warner Cable.

A Broadcaster's Guide To Washington Issues

With so many new regulations and challenges facing television broadcasters, it’s hard to keep track of all the changes. So how can stations, while tending to their own businesses, keep up with it all?