Sen Blumenthal, FCC And Others Support FTC In Battle Over AT&T Data Throttling

The Federal Trade Commission is drawing support in its battle with AT&T from other policymakers, including Sen Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and the Federal Communications Commission, as well as privacy experts and advocacy groups.

Political Ads Found To Suppress Effectiveness of Brand Advertising

The political season has always posed problems for brand advertisers trying to fulfill media plans, given the diminished supply of inventory.

Early AT&T/Time Warner Merger Reports See Trouble Ahead

Wall Street investors aren’t so sure that the nearly $85.4 billion deal AT&T is proposing for Time Warner will be an easy ride.

ISPs' Data About Consumers Is Worth 'A King's Ransom,' Privacy Guru Says

Broadband providers have spent months complaining that proposed new privacy rules would unfairly subject them to more stringent privacy rules than Google, Facebook or other online companies.

People's Web-Browsing History Isn't 'Sensitive,' ISPs Argue

Broadband providers AT&T, Comcast and T-Mobile have officially asked the Federal Communications Commission to retreat from a privacy proposal that could limit online behavioral advertising.

Chairman Wheeler Plans To Finalize Broadband Privacy Rules This Year

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler said that he anticipates finalizing broadband privacy rules later in 2016.

Netflix Presses FCC To Condemn Data Caps

Netflix is calling for the government to crack down on broadband providers that impose data caps on their subscribers.

Donald Trump Is King Of Earned Media

As Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump now starts up a paid TV advertising campaign, he continues to lead in earned media over Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Watchdog Refers Sprint To FCC Over Ads

An ad industry watchdog has referred Sprint to the Federal Communications Commission over ads stating that mobile customers can save 50 percent on their monthly rates by switching to Sprint.

Comcast Defends 'Pay-For-Privacy' Pricing, Makes Case To FCC

Comcast is asking the Federal Communications Commission to reject proposed rules that would prohibit broadband providers from charging higher fees to subscribers who decline behaviorally targeted ads.