TV Viewers Distracted By Other Video Screens

About 48% of prime-time TV viewers are double-timing the tube with other screens, whether using social media, checking email or shopping online, according to a study of 55,000 Internet users worldwide conducted by global research firm TNS.

US Ad Spend Hits $35B In Q1

Winter Olympics ad spending helped push up overall US advertising nearly 6% for the first quarter.

Media Buyers Push Smaller Upfront Rate Hikes, NBC Ups Volume

Broadcast networks, on the road to completing much of their upfront deal-making, are operating in a marketplace that is still concerned about weak pricing and volume gains.

TV Audience Only Partially Attentive To Ads

An explosion of marketers' messaging from TV, radio and online platforms doesn’t necessarily mean they receive full -- or even half of -- consumers' attention for those advertisements.

CBS Changes TV Model With Prime-Time NFL, 8 New Shows

Removed from its big overall 18-49 win in 2013, CBS -- long known as one of the most consistent networks by TV marketers -- will work a slightly different model this season, adding NFL Football on Thursdays and eight new shows in prime time.

China, Brazil Join Media's 'Top 30,' Google Expands Margin As No. 1

For the first time since it began ranking the world’s biggest media owners, Publicis' Zenith Optimedia unit says two Chinese companies have made its “Top Thirty Global Media Owners” list: China’s TV network CCTV and search engine Baidu.

TV, Not Digital, Propels Madison Ave. Spending, Twitter Surges 155%

Digital media may have the fastest organic growth rates, but it was the traditional medium of television that catapulted Madison Avenue's media spending during the first quarter of 2014.

Google Claims UK YouTube Users Watch Less TV

Looking to shift more media executives' minds to digital from TV, Google says nearly one-fifth of those watching YouTube are watching less TV.

Boomers, Seniors Embrace Mobile for Retail

Mobile shopping is no longer the purview of Gen Y and Gen X, as boomers and seniors are increasingly incorporating mobile into their brick-and-mortar shopping behaviors.

Mobile Becoming Dominant Search Channel

Mobile devices will account for 50% of Google paid-search clicks by December 2015, according to Marin Software.