Comcast Defends 'Pay-For-Privacy' Pricing, Makes Case To FCC

Comcast is asking the Federal Communications Commission to reject proposed rules that would prohibit broadband providers from charging higher fees to subscribers who decline behaviorally targeted ads.

Media Conglomerates Rely Less on Ad Revenues

Big media companies are moving to lessen their reliance on advertising revenue in favor of other sources of revenue including subscriptions, syndication, and production fees, according to a new analysis by SNL Kagan.

TV Still Dominates World Media Use

Worldwide, TV viewing remains the single biggest media activity. On average, 2.58 hours per day are consumed globally, according to GlobalWebIndex’s recent Media Consumption report.

Cable Networks Register Sharp Declines

Summer isn’t exactly a strong ratings playground for cable networks anymore.

Aereo Pushes To Resume Service In 6 Western States

Streaming video service Aereo is pushing forward with its argument that it should be allowed to resume operations on the grounds that it's now a “cable system” and entitled to transmit television programs as long as it pays licensing fees.

TV Viewers Distracted By Other Video Screens

About 48% of prime-time TV viewers are double-timing the tube with other screens, whether using social media, checking email or shopping online, according to a study of 55,000 Internet users worldwide conducted by global research firm TNS.

US Ad Spend Hits $35B In Q1

Winter Olympics ad spending helped push up overall US advertising nearly 6% for the first quarter.

Media Buyers Push Smaller Upfront Rate Hikes, NBC Ups Volume

Broadcast networks, on the road to completing much of their upfront deal-making, are operating in a marketplace that is still concerned about weak pricing and volume gains.

TV Audience Only Partially Attentive To Ads

An explosion of marketers' messaging from TV, radio and online platforms doesn’t necessarily mean they receive full -- or even half of -- consumers' attention for those advertisements.

CBS Changes TV Model With Prime-Time NFL, 8 New Shows

Removed from its big overall 18-49 win in 2013, CBS -- long known as one of the most consistent networks by TV marketers -- will work a slightly different model this season, adding NFL Football on Thursdays and eight new shows in prime time.