New York Times Presses Bid For Data About Net Neutrality Comments

The New York Times Company is pressing a judge to order the Federal Communications Commission to turn over information about comments submitted in the 2017 net neutrality proceeding.

New York Times Not Entitled To Information About Net Neutrality Commenters, FCC Says

The Federal Communications Commission is asking a judge to reject The New York Times Company's request for information about comments submitted to the agency in its 2017 net neutrality proceeding. The agency argues that the data sought by the 

Set-top Boxes May Underrepresent Minority Populations

Nielsen says set-top-box/return-path data coming from pay-TV providers and other sources can underrepresent certain viewer groups -- in particular Hispanic and African-American homes, compared to other household types.

Net Neutrality Battle Heats Up In Vermont

A battle over network neutrality is heating up in Vermont -- one of at least eight states that recently moved to restore the Obama-era rules.