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City Gov Tech Leaders Protest as FCC Prepares to Repeal Net Neutrality

Government technology leaders throughout the country have once again condemned a plan to repeal net neutrality regulations proposed by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai.New York City Chief Technology Officer Miguel Gamiño i

Kansas City Maps Data Related to Digital Inclusion

There’s no exact metric for gauging if Kansas City (MO) is the smartest city on our continent at present, but it’s doubtful that many other US cities would want to call CIO Bob Bennett out on the legitimacy of his claim.

Study: Ohio Statewide Broadband Office, Investment Fund Could Help Boost Rural Access

A recent study by Ohio State University (OSU) researchers found broadband access severely lacking in the state’s rural areas, a deficit they reported could yield significant economic growth if corrected — but if resolved could also lead to other,

National Digital Inclusion Week Helps Build Nationwide Momentum for Digital Equity

Austin city officials and community leaders have long sought to stem the growth of economic disparity by providing equal access to technology.

Cities Take Proactive Approaches to Anti-Muni Broadband Legislators

[Commentary] Local elected leaders, administrators, public utility managers and community stakeholders are stepping up their advocacy game in response to recent legislative losses.

Can Hybrid Wired/Wireless Infrastructure Stop the Broadband Hype?

[Commentary] Now that wireless can comfortably reach 40 to 50 Mbps in the home and gig wireless capacity backhaul is working in the field, can hybrid wired/wireless infrastructure dial back some of the hype?