Government Technology

Is Government Forcing a Secure Smartphone Revolution?

The world has been questioning whether the public sector is forcing a secure smartphone revolution ever since Edward Snowden, ex-National Security Agency contractor, leaked documents exposing the organization's spying program.

States Continue Banning Employer Access to Social Media

Social media has been a remarkable tool over the last several years, enabling friends and family members to connect and stay in touch.

5 Telehealth Bills to Watch

The practice of telehealth has increased in recent years as physicians and patients have become more comfortable meeting through video conferencing and other digital means.

Comcast-Time Warner Merger Would Hurt Municipal Broadband

[Commentary] Remember Adelphia Cable? How about Susquehanna Communications? Or Renaissance Media? Maybe TCI rings a bell?

Tablet Policy Puts California City on the Cutting Edge

An experiment using tablet devices to display city council agendas has sparked a paperless office movement and progressive technology policy-making in Rancho Cordova (CA).

Driver’s License for the Internet: an Optional Tool?

The White House is leading efforts for online authentication technology -- a new form of identification that some have called a driver's license for the Internet.

Accelerating the Internet of Everything

The movement to allow everyday items to connect to the Internet has gained momentum, as toothbrushes, bathroom scales and trash cans (to name a few) are available with sensors and online access.

Does Kenya's National Broadband Strategy Position it for Second-World Status

In July 2013, Kenya’s Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology along with the Communications Commission of Kenya launched the National Broadband Strategy, one piece of the nation’s ambitious Vision 2030 program.

Are You Ready for a Driver’s License for the Internet?

The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) has adopted an online authentication tool the agency is using to ensure that the benefits it issues, like food assistance, are going to the right people.

Meet the Tech-Savviest Legislators in the US

Technology has become a major factor in many of the proposals introduced by lawmakers during state legislative sessions.