Government Technology

Is California Reversing Course on Government Transparency?

A California appeals court recently ruled that emails and other forms of electronic communication about public business are not subject to the state’s Public Records Act if they’re conducted on a private computer or device.

ConnectNYC Brings Fiber Internet to Local Businesses

On March 12, 2014, a contest to connect New York City businesses with high-speed Internet came to a close.

How Open Data and Higher Ed Networks Can Decrease Poverty

This century, we face a much larger challenge than bringing 100 gigabyte connectivity to college campuses. We have to figure out how to feed 9 billion people and decrease poverty.

Social Media Analysis Aids in Washington Mudslide Response

A social media monitoring tool developed in 2013 by Pierce County (WA), got its first real-world use in March during search and rescue efforts following the massive mudslide in Washington State.

Florida Town Simplifies Transparency

Longboat Key (FL) is setting an example for fiscal transparency.

County Government Asks: Why Rent Fiber When You Can Own?

When Martin County (FL) was faced with increased telecommunications cost, CIO Kevin Kryzda used the phrase “rubber chicken circuit” to persuade community leaders, business owners and elected officials to build a county-owned fiber network rather t

Open Data: What Is It and Why Should You Care?

[Commentary] Though the debate about open data in government is an evolving one, it is indisputably here to stay -- it can be heard in both houses of Congress, in state legislatures, and in city halls around the nation.

Is FirstNet Stalled?

[Commentary] The First Responder Network Authority is now two years into its ten-year life. But it appears to be going through a reboot.