Government Technology

NYC Council Members Want Better Access to City Laws

Residents of the Big Apple will have an easier time finding New York City’s laws online, under new legislation proposed by a handful of city council members.

Wyoming’s State Broadband Gets Huge Speed Boost

For the state of Wyoming, high-speed broadband Internet access is more than a matter of convenience.

Nebraska Senator Aims to Break Down Siloes, Open Up Data

A Q&A with Nebraska State Senator Dan Watermeier (R-Syracuse). State Sen. Dan Watermeier doesn’t have the kind of professional foundation most people would consider “technology-savvy.”

What Do Public Health Officials Want From Big Data?

One of the central themes of the fifth annual Health Datapalooza conference in Washington, DC was how innovative approaches to data can help local public health agencies better target their limited resources.

Rethinking Privacy: Though Technology has Outpaced Policy, That's No Reason to Give Up

[Commentary] Privacy isn’t dead, it’s just going through an identity crisis.

Rise of the Chief Privacy Officer

As we become an increasingly data-based society, security breaches and the associated legal risks have escalated.

Can Student Data Improve Learning Without Compromising Privacy?

Instead of locking student data in the principal’s office, more school districts are moving it to cloud providers.

The Drive to Modernize: Governments Hatch Strategies to Bring Legacy Applications Up to Date

Some public entities have been working for years to get their applications in line with business needs. Others are just getting started.

Is Government Forcing a Secure Smartphone Revolution?

The world has been questioning whether the public sector is forcing a secure smartphone revolution ever since Edward Snowden, ex-National Security Agency contractor, leaked documents exposing the organization's spying program.

States Continue Banning Employer Access to Social Media

Social media has been a remarkable tool over the last several years, enabling friends and family members to connect and stay in touch.