Government Technology

Pew to Launch Broadband Access and State Policy Explorer

Pew Charitable Trusts, which has spent more than a year studying Americans’ access to broadband, will soon be launching an online explorer inventorying the data it’s collected — including information on gaps to coverage and the policies state governments are pursuing to fill them.  The explorer will be a searchable catalog of everything from current laws and policies, to information on funding and financing, and will likely launch sometime late this summer, said Kathryn de Wit, manager of the project. “What we know at this point is that different communities can be difficult to connect for

California Bill Would Stop Data Throttling During Emergencies

In the summer of 2018, Verizon Wireless triggered a major controversy in the public safety community when it temporarily reduced Internet service to firefighters in Santa Clara (CA) greatly diminishing their ability to provide emergency services while fighting the Mendocino Complex fire — one of the largest in state history.

What America's Governors Are Saying About Tech

Now that all 50 governors — including a robust crop of new faces — have made "State of the State" speeches, Government Technology took the opportunity to break down how many touched on various technology topics:

  • Technology: 34
  • Broadband/Connectivity/Internet: 23
  • Modern/Modernize: 21
  • Data: 20
  • Cybersecurity: 9 

Detroit Hires Its First Director of Digital Inclusion

Detroit has hired its first director of digital inclusion, making it one of a growing number of cities to have a full-time employee within its government tackling issues of digital equity. The city tapped Joshua Edmonds to fill the new role. Edmonds comes to the city from Cleveland, where he previously worked in the digital inclusion space. In Cleveland, Edmonds helped lead the deployment of more than $1.5 million of investments related to digital equity through The Cleveland Foundation, an influential community foundation in the Ohio city.