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Can Hybrid Wired/Wireless Infrastructure Stop the Broadband Hype?

[Commentary] Now that wireless can comfortably reach 40 to 50 Mbps in the home and gig wireless capacity backhaul is working in the field, can hybrid wired/wireless infrastructure dial back some of the hype?

What's the Return on Investment on Local Broadband?

Hard data enables Louisville (KY) residents to know their broadband speeds and it's also proving beneficial to the city, which is looking to kick off new connectivity projects.

Warrants in the Digital Age: Courts Face Evolving Frontier

The smart devices we carry with us and cling to represent treasure troves of personal data; they could be the linchpin a prosecutor needs to prove a person's location when a crime occurred, which is why agencies are more active than ever in going

Better Connections: Arkansas Rebuilds its Plodding K-12 Network into a Robust Broadband Service

Mark Myers remembers his very first day on the job in January 2015 as the state of Arkansas’ CIO and director of the Department of Information Systems (DIS). “I was with Gov.

Need for FirstNet Greater Than Ever, First Responders Say

The government organization charged with building the nation’s first high-speed data network for first responders says it will make its first contract award soon. It will likely happen in November, although no firm date is set.

What President Obama Did for Tech: Transparency and Open Data

Before “open data” became a catchphrase for innovation, there was, the first open data portal for federal agencies. Under the direction of President Barack Obama and the guiding hand of US CIO Vivek Kundra, the site went live in 2009.

What President Obama Did for Tech

Change in government is slow. That didn’t stop a lot from happening in government during President Barack Obama’s two terms, including many technology firsts, but that’s to be expected, because the world changed a lot too.

Kentucky’s Statewide Broadband Network Moves Forward with Build-out

The initial build-out of Kentucky’s broadband project, KentuckyWired, will take place soon in the eastern part of the state.

How Digital is Your State?

Just as a school teacher roots for his students, the Center for Digital Government is hopeful every two years that each respondent to its Digital States Survey will astound with reports of their technological feats.

Wisconsin Governor Announces State Broadband Savings Agreement

In a move that will save Wisconsin taxpayers nearly $8 million annually, the state has renegotiated its contract with AT&T and its partners to provide higher broadband speeds at lower costs on the BadgerNet Converged Network (BCN), Gov Scott W