Government Technology

Social Networking Platform Ties Neighborhoods and Government Together

Nextdoor, a neighbor-to-neighbor social media platform, is growing at breakneck pace: from 176 neighborhoods to more than 38,000 today -- that number represents one in four neighborhoods throughout the US.

NYC Improves Online Access to City Laws, Procurement Notices

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D-NYC) has signed two bills that improve government transparency.

States Watching Congress on Internet Access Taxes

Americans in most states have paid no taxes on Internet access for 16 years, thanks to a federal law banning states and local governments from collecting such taxes.

US Map Shows More Community Owned Broadband Networks Than Expected

In the United States, more than 100 cities have publicly-owned broadband networks, according to a comprehensive map that plots US cities with publicly owned citywide wired networks.

The Public Sector Considers Mobile-First Approaches to Citizen Interactions

More states and cities are announcing “mobile-first” strategies, but what does that really mean?

Seattle Considering Municipal Broadband

Seattle may take another shot at municipal broadband. Since the recent failed partnership between the city and Gigabit Squared, the future of broadband in Seattle has been up in the air.

Advocacy Groups Push Coding as a Core Curriculum for Schools

Technology proponents don’t need to make a case for the role of computer science in tomorrow’s job market. Today, it’s self-evident in the economy and daily life.

New York and Chicago Libraries Loan Hot Spots like Books

Against the tug of today’s digital economy, New York and Chicago public libraries are experimenting with two projects to take the Internet to the people by loaning Wi-Fi hot spots like books.

Can Cities Wait Until 2084 for Google Fiber?

Technology is becoming the new religion, and the dogma is just as impenetrable. Issues of personal privacy, social equality, and economic policy are each day bound tighter to outcomes in the digital world.

Long Island Town Puts Brakes on Social Media

Town officials of Oyster Bay (NY) likely aren’t scoring points with transparency advocates after clamping down on how the town’s information is released through social networks.