Government Technology

Location Intelligence and the Future of Net Neutrality

[Commentary] The recent repeal of network neutrality regulations has concerned cities across the country about how the rollback will impact their communities.  Cities, with the guidance and leadership of their citizens, must begin to form oversigh

Cincinnati Building Fiber Ring, Pursuing Smart City Projects Downtown

As it builds a downtown fiber network, Cincinnati (OH) is laying the foundation for improved traffic management and other smart city initiatives, as well as offering the kind of communications infrastructure necessary to further grow the region’s

Public Opinion Often Sets Privacy Standards for Smart City Tech

 As cities have begun to collect and release unprecedented amounts of data, questions about citizen privacy have become increasingly relevant.

Preparing for the End of Net Neutrality, City Tech Leaders Warn of Widening Digital Divide

As municipal governments in New York City, Seattle and elsewhere vocally oppose a repeal, leaders also say they are preparing resources to monitor its impact once it happens.  City gov tech leaders said that a repeal is all but certain to make it