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Why Rupert Murdoch Wants To Buy Time Warner

In a move that aims to counter consolidation among TV distributors like Comcast-Time Warner Cable and AT&T-DirecTV, Rupert Murdoch's Fox has made an unsolicited takeover offer for rival media giant Time Warner for about $76 billion in cash and

US Given Heads Up About Newspaper Data Destruction

The Obama Administration knew in advance that the British government would oversee destruction of a newspaper's hard drives containing leaked National Security Agency documents in 2013, newly declassified documents show.

High court rejects Google appeal in snooping case

Google must face a class action lawsuit alleging the Internet giant violated federal wiretap law when its Street View vehicles collected data from private Wi-Fi networks.

Judge: Warrantless Bulk Surveillance Is Legal

A federal judge has affirmed the legality of the US government's bulk collection of phone and e-mail data from foreign nationals living outside the country -- including their contact with US citizens -- in denying a man's motion to dismiss his ter

Youtube To Launch Music Service Amid Indie Dispute

YouTube will launch a new subscription music service, the company acknowledged after being dragged into a public dispute over royalties that will result in the blockade of some independent artists' music videos.

US Media Getting Ready for World Cup

The World Cup kicks off in Sao Paulo with home team Brazil going up against Croatia in the opener of the world's most popular sporting event.

Trans-Atlantic war over Google

Europe’s moves to rein in Google -- including a court ruling ordering the search giant to give people a say in what pops up when someone searches their name -- may be seen in Brussels as striking a blow for the little guy.

Free Speech Or Illegal Threats? Justices Could Say

Messages posted on Facebook and Twitter or sent in e-mails can be tasteless, vulgar and even disturbing. But just when do they cross the line from free speech to threats that can be punished as a crime?

Now Application 'Inconsistencies' Vex Health Law

A huge new paperwork headache for the government could also be jeopardizing coverage for some of the millions of people who just got health insurance under President Barack Obama's law.

France Lifts Restrictions on D-Day Video Coverage

France dropped restrictions on live video coverage of ceremonies marking the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Normandy, ensuring that millions of viewers across the world will be able to watch the event as it unfolds.