Right to Connect: A Media-Policy Roadmap for Presidential Candidates

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A platform of recommended media-and-tech policies for all presidential candidates. Over the summer of 2019, Free Press Action will send the platform to each of the presidential candidates. Free Press Action will also generate a scorecard rating each candidate’s positions relative to Right to Connect’s recommendations. What is the platform asking candidates to do?

  1. Restore strong Net Neutrality protections, the bedrock of digital civil rights.
  2. Close the digital divide and make internet access universally affordable.
  3. Foster diverse local media — not bigger broadcasting conglomerates.
  4. Learn from the inadequate response to hurricane crises in Puerto Rico and commit to building resilient infrastructure.
  5. Oppose harmful mergers and monopolies.
  6. Ensure affordable and accessible communications for incarcerated people and their loved ones.
  7. Acknowledge that our media system is built on a history of discrimination.
  8. End unwarranted government surveillance over communications networks.
  9. Enact policies to protect digital privacy.
  10. Defend journalists and expand noncommercial media to promote a thriving democracy.

Right to Connect: A Media-Policy Roadmap for Presidential Candidates Free Press Action Releases 'Right to Connect,' a Media-Policy Roadmap for Presidential Candidates