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Free Press and Free Press Action Release 2019 Policy Priorities

Our 2019 policy priorities lay out a proactive agenda for the new year and the new Congress, to move us closer to building media and communications systems that empower everyone to connect and communicate freely and safely. We’ve identified four m

Chairman Pai's Call for an Investigation of Communication Failures in Florida Contrasts His Inaction in Puerto Rico

In recent days, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai ordered his agency to investigate telecommunication carriers’ slow response in restoring service to the Florida Panhandle, which Hurricane Michael struck on Oct 10.

Puerto Rican Advocates and Social-Justice Groups Call on FCC to Launch Independent Inquiry into Hurricane Maria Communications Failures

A coalition of Puerto Rican advocates, racial- and social-justice organizations, and media and telecommunications experts urged Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai to appoint an independent commission to examine the causes for the