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FCC Commissioner Carr Attacks Free Press for Urging the Agency to Provide Guidance on the Broadcast of False Information

On April 2, Federal Communications Commissioner Brendan Carr responded to a right-wing blogger’s question about a recent Free Press petition urging the agency to help prevent the spread of false COVID-19 information via broadcast outlets.

Keeping Connected Amid Crisis

A call to Congress to allocate up to $100 billion in subsidies, rebates and tax relief targeted toward broadband that would benefit people, not just companies.

The Digital Divide Promises to Skew Census Results

The digital divide means that a digital census raises new problems when it comes to counting correctly. Approximately 22 percent of households nationwide still don’t have home broadband, which means they’ll have a harder time responding to an onli

The Latest FCC Lifeline Proposals Are Part of Chairman Pai's Relentless War on the Poor

Free Press condemned the Federal Communications Commission for waging war on the poor as the agency moved forward with a proceeding to deny essential broadband and telephone subsidies to low-income people. 

Jessica J. González Named Co-CEO of Free Press and Free Press Action

Jessica J. González assumed the role of co-CEO of Free Press and Free Press Action.

The Truth About the Digital Divide

At the outset of their recent Op-Ed, Blair Levin and Larry Downes reject federal policyma