U.S. Supreme Court wrestles with Microsoft data privacy fight

Supreme Court justices wrestled with Microsoft’s dispute with the US Justice Department over whether prosecutors can force technology companies to hand over data stored overseas, with some signaling support for the government and others urging Con

Trump Administration Asks Congress to Reauthorize NSA’s Deactivated Call Records Program

Breaking a long silence about a high-profile National Security Agency program that sifts records of Americans’ telephone calls and text messages in search of terrorists, the Trump administration acknowledged for the first time that the system has

Cities track citizens' sentiment through social media

Monitoring social media feeds is a common practice for major brands and companies trying to keep up with consumer sentiment and tastes.

Coalition presses to change surveillance law

A coalition of nearly 40 privacy and civil liberties groups is demanding changes when lawmakers weigh whether to renew Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act, which allows for the collection of information about US phone calls and text messages.

President Trump's pretzel-logic tech policy

The Trump administration's policy toward big tech moved in two opposite directions recently, as the White House sought the big platforms' help in predicting mass shootings while it was also reportedly drafting plans to punish them for perceived bi

FBI and Facebook Potentially at Odds Over Social-Media Monitoring

An effort by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to more aggressively monitor social media for possible threats could clash with Facebook's privacy policies and possibly its attempts to comply with a record $5 billion settlement with the Federal T

The Metadata Trap: The Trump Administration Is Using the Full Power of the US Surveillance State Against Whistleblowers

Government whistleblowers increasingly being charged under laws such as the Espionage Act, but they aren’t spies. While we all live under extensive surveillance, for government employees and contractors — especially those with a security clearance

Pentagon testing mass surveillance balloons across the US

The US military is conducting wide-area surveillance tests across six midwest states using experimental high-altitude balloons, documents filed with the FCC reveal.

Cisco to Pay $8.6 Million to Settle Government Claims of Flawed Surveillance Tech

Cisco Systems agreed to pay $8.6 million to settle claims that it sold video surveillance technology that it knew had a significant security flaw to federal, state and local government agencies.

Attorney General Barr says encrypted apps pose ‘grave threat’ to safety

Attorney General William Barr delivered a blistering critique of encrypted messaging programs, saying they are preventing law enforcement from stopping killings, drug dealing and terrorism, and warned that time may be running out for the tech indu