Public Interest Groups Urge Congress To Renew FCC Auction Authority, Fund ACP

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On March 21, Public Knowledge joined 24 other public interest and consumer advocacy groups in a letter to congressional leaders about the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). The groups urged Congress to renew the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) spectrum auction authority and use some of the projected revenue to help fund the ACP. "Congress has a unique opportunity to advance our national spectrum goals while simultaneously generating sufficient revenue to support the connectivity needs of millions of Americans," said the letter. "We urge you to take swift action to protect these gains in connectivity by passing legislation to renew the FCC’s auction authority and fund the ACP." The groups also highlighted the financial benefits of the ACP, adding "Due to the interconnected nature of the internet, the ACP offers a host of direct and indirect social and economic benefits. Research analysis from the Benton Institute has shown that for every dollar of ACP subsidy, there are nearly two dollars in financial returns to those using the program, including gains in professional productivity and opportunities as well as time saved from access to online commerce."

Public Interest Spectrum Hearing ACP Letter