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Public Interest Groups Urge FCC Chairman to Delay Net Neutrality Vote to Dismantle Rules

The Benton Foundation joined Public Knowledge and 40 other consumer protection groups, digital divide advocates, and local government agencies -- including New York City -- in a letter urging Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai to delay the vote on the “Restoring Internet Freedom” Draft Order, which would roll back the agency’s net neutrality rules if adopted. Specifically, the groups propose the FCC delay the vote until a pending court case before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit -- the en banc review in Federal Trade Commission v.

Public Knowledge Emergency Broadband Benefits FCC Comments

How the Federal Communications Commission manages the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program will not only greatly affect the EBB Program’s effectiveness at helping those in need get connected, it will help inform how to best implement potential future broadband subsidies to address broadband affordability, which Congress continues to contemplate.

Senior Advisor Gene Kimmelman Resigns from Public Knowledge to Join Justice Department

Public Knowledge Senior Advisor Gene Kimmelman announced his resignation in order to serve as Senior Counselor for President Joe Biden’s Associate Attorney General at the Department of Justice. This will be a limited duration position.

Finding the Limits of Free Speech Online

President Trump used social media to encourage his supporters to storm the Capitol to attempt to maintain his power.

Groups Urge Congress to Include Broadband Subsidy in Stimulus Bills

Public interest, government, civil rights, labor, higher education, and rural advocacy groups urged Congress to offer a federal broadband subsidy in forthcoming COVID-19 stimulus packages. They argue that tens of millions of Americans — particularly low-income families, rural residents, and people of color — lack broadband access, leaving our most vulnerable communities struggling to stay connected with school, work, healthcare, entertainment, and their loved ones during the pandemic.

In the Republican War on the Biden FCC, Wall Street May End Up the Biggest Loser

Urged on by broadband giants such as Charter Communications, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is pushing to confirm a Republican to the Federal Communications Commission. However, Majority Leader McConnell’s goal seems to extend further: creating a deadlocked Biden FCC 2–2, then blocking confirmation of a third Democrat. What Majority Leader McConnell intends as a gift to his corporate patrons could turn into a nightmare for them.

AT&T’s Move to Disconnect DSL Customers Shows Harm of Deregulatory Agenda

Public Knowledge, Communications Workers of America, National Digital Inclusion Alliance, Next Century Cities, Common Cause, and Greenlining Institute filed an ex parte warning the Federal Communications Commission that its deregulatory agenda leaves consumers vulnerable to losing broadband service during the pandemic. AT&T recently told the FCC that it is discontinuing DSL broadband service.