Public Knowledge

Public Interest Groups Urge FCC Chairman to Delay Net Neutrality Vote to Dismantle Rules

The Benton Foundation joined Public Knowledge and 40 other consumer protection groups, digital divide advocates, and local government agencies -- including New York City -- in a letter urging Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai to

Telecom Giants Broke the Law By Selling Detailed Location Data. Will They Face Consequences?

More details have emerged from the Vice investigation into carriers selling their customers’ real-time location data, including assisted GPS (“A-GPS”) data intended only for emergency services.

Advocates Showed During Oral Argument Why Court Must Restore Net Neutrality

On Feb 1, Petitioners (including Public Knowledge) finally got to make their case in court that the Federal Communications Commission’s reckless abdication of responsibility over broadband was illegal. To highlight some of them:


The lack of diversity in tech policy means that regulators and lawmakers make policy decisions that impact marginalized groups from a perspective that is not inclusive of the viewpoints of these communities.

Thoughts on Facebook's WhatsApp + Messenger + Instagram Integration

In general, we think the integration of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram has the potential to be beneficial for consumers -- if done right. We still need more details from Facebook’s plan to monetize this move in order to fully understa

Broadband Providers Are Quietly Taking Advantage of an Internet Without Net Neutrality Protections

Some proponents of the Dec 2017 repeal of network neutrality argue that a year after the decision, the internet is still functioning -- but that doesn’t mean the internet isn’t changing.