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Why is the FCC Talking about a USF Cap?

The Benton Foundation unequivocally opposes any proposals from the Federal Communications Commission that would allow the FCC to shirk its responsibilities to meet its Congressionally-mandated mission. The FCC is supposed to ensure:

The FCC Ignores Reality in 5G Proposal

The Coalition for Local Internet Choice and the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors asked for my view of the Federal Communications Commission’s pending order, proposing to cap the fees that state and local governments

Regulatory Oversight and Privacy Policy for an Open Internet Ecosystem

In my previous post, I highlighted four reasons why the U.S needs a unified policy framework for an open Internet ecosystem: 1) lack of compe

The U.S. Needs a New Policy Framework for an Open Internet Ecosystem

[Analysis] In a new article for the Georgetown Law Technology Review, I seek to jumpstart a conversation about how to shape an Internet eco

Statement of Chairman Ajit Pai On Sinclair/Tribune Transaction

Based on a thorough review of the record, I have serious concerns about the Sinclair/Tribune transaction.

Denver council members eye broader broadband to address internet inequities

Some Denver City Council members want to explore the city's options for providing internet access to residents who don't have connections. But first, they need to get  permission from voters to take stock of those opportunities, says City Councilm

The Presidential Candidates Need a Plan for Big Tech That Isn’t “Break Up Big Tech”

What is the agenda that provides hope and opportunity for Americans in a new digital-based economy? So far, much of the campaign focus on the new economy has been reduced to a misleadingly simple “break ‘em up!” solution for Big Tech.

For tech, it's all hard problems now

The tech industry spent the last two decades connecting the world and getting computers into every home and hand — but that's turning out to have been the easy part.

California Will Have an Open Internet

At present, 34 states (and the District of Columbia) have introduced some kind of 

Making Waves Over Airwaves

Senate Commerce Committee leaders aren’t happy that the Senate Appropriations Committee stuck some controversial 5G directives in their Federal Communication Commission