FCC Commissioners Reaction to Net Neutrality Decision

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai: "Today’s decision is a victory for consumers, broadband deployment, and the free and open Internet. The court affirmed the FCC’s decision to repeal 1930s utility-style regulation of the Internet imposed by the prior Administration. The court also upheld our robust transparency rule so that consumers can be fully informed about their online options. Since we adopted the Restoring Internet Freedom Order, consumers have seen 40% faster speeds and millions more Americans have gained access to the Internet. A free and open Internet is what we have today and what we’ll continue to have moving forward. We look forward to addressing on remand the narrow issues that the court identified."

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel: “When the FCC rolled back net neutrality it was on the wrong side of the American people and the wrong side of history. Today’s court decision shows that the agency also got it wrong on the law. The agency made a mess when it gave broadband providers the power to block websites, throttle services, and censor online content. Today’s court decision vacates the FCC’s unlawful effort to block states and localities from protecting an open internet for their citizens. From small towns to big cities, from state houses to governors’ executive actions, states and localities have been stepping in because the FCC shirked its duties. In addition, the court took the agency to task for disregarding its duty to consider how its decision threatens public safety, Lifeline service, and broadband infrastructure. As the FCC revisits its policies in light of the court’s directives, I hope it has the courage to run an open and fair process. The momentum around the country is proof the American people are not done fighting for an open internet. I’m proud to stand with them in that fight.”

FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly: “While I am still in the process of digesting the decision, the main tenets of the Commission’s action are thankfully affirmed. It is heartening to see a court get most of the decision correct. The classification issue was clearly within our authority and grounded in sound policy as it avoids the hubristic posture of a central-planning, micro-managing government, which harms innovation and reduces the benefits accruing to American consumers that are made possible by a light-touch approach. At the same time, vacating the preemption provisions seems to misread precedent and ignores the technology’s structure, which cannot be segmented into intrastate portions. Inevitably, this will lead to Commission case-by-case preemption efforts and more litigation.”

“Today’s decision is a big win for a free and open Internet and for U.S. leadership in 5G. The Internet has flourished under the light touch approach to regulation that the FCC restored in 2017. Since then, Internet speeds are up, prices are down, and the U.S. leapfrogged our global competitors to secure the largest 5G build in the world. By affirming the FCC’s authority to take this modern approach to Internet regulation, today’s court decision will enable us to build on this success for the benefit of all Americans," said FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr.

“At its best, the internet is a democratizing, empowering force.  A truly free and open internet enables everyday people, regardless of their means or status, to elevate their ideas, access boundless information, and drive our economy to innovate without undue external influence. This must be protected to the last inch," said FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks. “Above all else, today’s decision breathes new life into the fight for an open internet.  It confirms that states can continue to step into the void left by this FCC.  To that end, it is a validation of those states that have already sought to protect consumers, and a challenge to those that haven’t yet acted to think hard about how to protect their citizens.  More pointedly, the decision affirms that the FCC ignored key aspects of its mission with regard to public safety and broadband deployment.  And the decision admonishes this Commission for its failure to consider the impact of its action in this context on Lifeline, a critical program that makes broadband more affordable for low-income consumers. The power remains with the people.  Be loud.  I’m sure that people across the country who have been invested in this process will continue to demand action from state and federal legislators and will weigh in with the Commission when we consider the Court’s guidance in the near future.  I hear you, and know that I will be raising my voice with you.” 


FCC Commissioners Reaction to Net Neutrality Decision Chairman Pai Statement on Victory in D.C. Circuit Commissioner Rosenworcel on Net Neutrality Decision Statement of Commissioner Michael O'Rielly on Net Neutrality Decision Commissioner Carr Statement on DC Circuit Decision on Internet Freedom Commissioner Starks