FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

Statement of Chairman Ajit Pai On Sinclair/Tribune Transaction

Based on a thorough review of the record, I have serious concerns about the Sinclair/Tribune transaction.

FCC Commissioners' Statements on 2018 Broadband Deployment Report

Chairman Pai: "The report maintains the same benchmark speed for fixed broadband service previously adopted by the Commission, which we earlier proposed to retain: 25 Mbps download/3 Mbps upload.

FCC Chairman Pai Remarks on Restoring Internet Freedom

Much has been said and written over the course of the last week about the plan to restore Internet freedom. But much of the discussion has brought more heat than light.

A Time to Give Thanks

Rounding out our December meeting will be two matters that were previewed yesterday.

Chairman Pai Circulates Draft Order To Restore Internet Freedom And Eliminate Heavy-Handed Internet Regulations

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai released the following statement on his draft Restoring Internet Freedom Order, which was circulated to his fellow Commissioners Nov 21 and will be voted on at the FCC’s Open Meeting on December

Ajit Pai: Media Ownership Rules Must Adjust to the Digital Era

[Commentary] For over four decades, the Federal Communications Commission has restricted the ability of broadcast media outlets to also own newspapers, and vice versa, in the same market, under what is known as the newspaper-broadcast cross-owners

Chairman Pai's Response Regarding USTelecom Forbearance Petition

On Oct 23, 2018, Rep Jared Huffman (D-CA) wrote to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai regarding a forbearance petition filed on May 4 with the FCC by USTelecom.

Chairman Pai's Response to various Members of Congress Regarding Broadband Mapping

On Sept 13, 2018, Sens Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) wrote to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai to encourage the FCC to improve the National Broadband Map "by using consumer-reported data to increase the ac

Chairman Pai's Response to Various Members of Congress Regarding Rural Broadband

On Nov 30, 2018, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai wrote to various Members of Congress regarding rural broadband.

Chairman Pai's response regarding franchise fee cap on PEG funding

On Nov 27, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai's responded to various Democratic Sens regarding the impact of statutory cap franchise fees on funding for Public, Educational or Government (PEG) channels.