FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel

Russians are hacking our public-commenting system, too

[Commentary] In the course of its deliberations on the future of Internet openness, the Federal Communications Commission logged about half a million comments sent from Russian e-mail addresses.

FCC Commissioners' Statements on 2018 Broadband Deployment Report

Chairman Pai: "The report maintains the same benchmark speed for fixed broadband service previously adopted by the Commission, which we earlier proposed to retain: 25 Mbps download/3 Mbps upload.

Commissioner Rosenworcel on Net Neutrality Deadline Extension

Today’s extension of the period for public comment about net neutrality is welcome.

Commissioner Rosenworcel on Commissioner O'Rielly Renomination

I congratulate Mike O’Rielly on his renomination to serve as FCC Commissioner. Commissioner O’Rielly is incredibly knowledgeable on communications policy matters and has contributed so much to the work of the agency.

FCC Commissioner Rosenworcel on Universal Service Gift Rules Waiver: There's More the FCC Can Do

Today’s waiver of the E-Rate and Rural Health Care gift rules is a smart step to assist in coronavirus response.

The FCC should send Wi-Fi hotspots to schools to close the homework gap

The Federal Communications Commission should use its power in this emergency to provide schools with Wi-Fi hotspots to loan out to students who lack reliable internet access at home. It has the authority to do so under the Telecommunications Act.

FCC Commissioner Rosenworcel On Broadband Companies' Pledge To Keep Americans

The coronavirus demands swift and decisive action. We know that more Americans than ever before will need internet access for work, education, and healthcare.

FCC Commissioner Rosenworcel Calls On FCC To Take Aggressive Action To Assist With Coronavirus Response

The coronavirus is already exposing hard truths about the digital divide, but the Federal Communications Commission has the power to help.

The US government couldn’t shut down the Internet, right? Think again.

You might think it could never happen here in the United States. But think again.

Commissioner Rosenworcel On FCC Seeking Public Comment On Net Neutrality Remand

The FCC got it wrong when it repealed net neutrality. The decision put the agency on the wrong side of history, the American public, and the law. And the courts agreed.