FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks

Commissioner Geoffrey Starks Remarks at Open Technology Institute NGSO Satellite Event

As a Commissioner focused so deeply on the digital divide, I’m especially thrilled about what a golden era in commercial space could mean for broadband. New satellite broadband systems promise more choice and better performance for many Americans, including those who live, work, and travel in some the toughest-to-serve places. Making space innovation sustainable is a multidimensional problem. They can even improve the reach of terrestrial broadband networks, through satellite backhaul and, perhaps one day soon, base stations flying in low-Earth orbit.

Remarks of FCC Commissioners on the Affordable Connectivity Outreach Grant Program

Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel said, "We are building a $100 million outreach grant program at the Federal Communications Commission to make sure that those who are eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program hear about it. This is a good thing. It’s also something we were told to do in the [Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act]. Congress specifically directed us to conduct outreach for the Affordable Connectivity Program to help ensure eligible households are enrolled.

FCC Commissioners' Remarks on the 'Your Home, Your Internet' Pilot Program

Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel said, "This pilot program, which we are calling “Your Home, Your Internet” would not be happening today without the leadership of Commissioner Starks. He saw clearly that this was an underserved population that was called out in the law and that needed special focus. So let me call out Commissioner Starks right here and now. I am grateful for his efforts, both for what he did to help get this program going and for what he will do going forward to ensure it is a success.

Remarks of FCC Commissioner Starks at Ericsson's 2022 Broadband For All Summit

"It is a tremendously exciting time to be a broadband advocate," said Federal Communications Commissioner Geoffrey Starks at Ericsson's 2022 Broadband For All Summit. "Accelerated by the pandemic, the world’s digital

Remarks Of FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks to ATIS' Next G Alliance: The Roadmap To 6G

"As we develop the roadmap to 6G, we must remember several considerations," said Federal Communications Commissioner Geoffrey Starks at ATIS' "Next G Alliance: The Roadmap to 6G" event. "First, many of the technical characteristics that will contribute to 6G’s performance could also produce security vulnerabilities...Industry and policymakers must ensure that security standards are baked into 6G, rather than bolted on.

FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks' Statement on the Affordable Connectivity Program Rules

The rules repeatedly affirm our decision to spend that money in ways that advance our digital equity goals. I am proud that my colleagues adopted my recommendation to commit to deploying the new tools Congress gave us with 'particular emphasis on reaching people of color, persons with disabilities, persons who live in rural or Tribal areas, and others who are or have been historically unserved, marginalized, or adversely affected by persistent poverty or inequality.' I intend to make sure we follow through on that commitment.

Remarks of FCC Commissioner Starks at NSR/BCG 5G Conference

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving next week, it’s appropriate to take stock and look to the future. I’d like to reflect on our nation’s progress on 5G and observe a few of the related issues facing us in 2022 and beyond. Since the first mobile deployments in 2019, US 5G service and adoption have steadily expanded. The [Federal Communications Commission] has played a key part in that growth, and we must ensure that it continues. But we must also draw lessons from that work, so we’re prepared for the days ahead.

Remarks Of Commissioner Geoffrey Starks Before Ericsson's Broadband For All Online Conference

As we continue to work to bring the pandemic to a close, I am already thinking about the lessons we have learned that should influence how we work toward the goal of broadband for all:

The New Normal

My top priority for the year ahead, which should surprise no one, is continuing the work we have been laser-focused on all year: making sure all Americans have access to high-speed broadband. Here, in year two of our battle with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are enduring the lingering effects of a multilayered crisis that has reverberated across healthcare, education, the economy, widespread job losses, and food insecurity.

FCC Commissioner Starks Remarks to Supply Chain integrity Workshop

Today we gather during National Supply Chain Integrity Month to discuss ways to strengthen our supply chain against potential bad actors. Policymakers must ensure that small and mid-sized carriers have access to equipment and services that are not only secure but make good business sense.