Universal Broadband

Broadband access an ongoing issue for Ohio counties

Since the connectivity summit held in Marietta (OH) last July, the plight of Appalachian broadband deserts has caught the attention of lawmakers in Washington D.C.

Dividing the country won’t bridge the digital divide

[Commentary] [Democratic members of the House Commerce Committee's] infrastructure plan provides critical support for the next-generation communications networks. We are proposing to:

FCC Responds to Plan to Nationalize 5G

In responde to a National Security Council memo urging the Trump administration to consider extraordinary efforts to clear the way for 5G, FCC commissioner responded:

Is Comcast now working with conservative think tanks to astroturf muni broadband?

[Commentary] Last week, Forbes contributor Rosyln Layton was fed up with what she saw as a lack of journalistic stridency in reports by FierceCable, DSL Reports, as well as numerous tech media publications, on a study (PDF) published by Harvard’s

Solving the Rural Broadband Equation — Fund Infrastructure, Not Carriers.

When we think about solving the rural broadband problem, nearly everyone tries to answer the question: “How do I find a carrier to serve rural areas.” But that’s not actually the problem we’re trying to solve.

Wave Broadband and Santa Maria (CA) Plan Muni Broadband Network

Santa Maria (CA) has chosen Wave Broadband to build a fiber ring to include city departments, businesses, schools and residents.

Legislators Seek to Bridge Digital Furrow

In the latest in a legislative flurry of broadband-related items, a bipartisan bill has been introduced in both the House and Senate to promote rural broadband deployment and identify fallow broadband fields in key agricultural sectors.

Dark Fiber Versus Lit Fiber

The city of San Francisco should be lauded for showing how a major metropolitan area can implement two models of a ubiquitous, open, fiberto-the premises network. The dark fiber model has limitations but is far preferable to today’s model.

Commissioner Rosenworcel Remarks at 20 Years of Connecting Schools and Libraries Policy Summit

More can be done to address the Homework Gap. Carriers across the country are pitching in by making available low-cost broadband service.

Chairman Pai Releases Summary of First Year Accomplishments

The Federal Communications Commission released an 8-page document outlining "A Year of Action and Accomplishment" led by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, broken down into the following categories: bridging the digital divide, promoting innovation and invest