Universal Broadband

It’s Time For An Internet-For-All Public Utility (Before Corona Crashes It)

If ever there was a wake-up call to an immediate infrastructure threat, Corona is it.

Universal connectivity is still the goal. We need to keep working on long-term solutions.

Coronavirus has caused a seismic shift in everything about life as we know it. Schools, businesses, and non-essential entities are closed indefinitely. As fear and economic uncertainty escalate, so does the need for information.

Congress and FCC Can Keep Students Online

Congress and the Federal Communications Commission should act swiftly to ensure that all our school-aged children are online and continue learning during the coronavirus pandemic.

For some, coronavirus pushes new issues to top of national agenda

The coronavirus pandemic is helping shift policy priorities for some Americans. School closures and remote work across the country are showcasing how inequities in access to high-speed broadband can impact access to education and work during a tim

How COVID-19 is proving the urgency of delivering universal broadband

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the consequences of America’s “digital divide” on full display. This dire situation makes clear the need for universal rural broadband. To finally deliver on this promise, we need an effort on the scale of the Rural E

FCC Will Seek Distance-Learning Dollars from Hill

The Federal Communications Commission was looking for money from Congress for remote education in the COVID-19 aid bill that passed recently, but didn't get it.

The Homework Chasm

Communities across the nation are working hard to address the issue of connectivity for students. But we need a national approach, not an ad-hoc strategy.

NDIA Executive Director Angela Siefer On COVID-19 Stimulus: More Action Needed to Connect Millions of Households

On March 27 President Donald Trump signed the $2.2 trillion CARES Act to offset the economic impact of the pandemic and the public health response to it.

The Broadband Lifeline in a Pandemic: Strategies for Provisioning Broadband to Temporary Emergency Sites

I’ll describe a way for your community to meet ar  critical need – service to ad hoc emergency sites like surge hospital locations, triage centers, and even parking lots where mass testing or treatment may occur.

Coronavirus reveals critical gaps in Georgia internet service

Rural Georgians struggling who for years have struggled to gain internet access could see new sympathy from internet users in Georgia towns and suburbs.