Universal Broadband

Communities Join Forces For Broadband

Regional efforts to develop broadband infrastructure are becoming more common.

The digital divide in Indian Country

With the recent release of the American Community Survey’s five-year (2013–2017) rolling average data for small areas, new figures show that broadband access rates differ significantly among American Indian reservations but are, on average, low re

Global universal internet access unlikely until at least 2050, experts say

Parts of the world will be excluded from the internet for decades to come without major efforts to boost education, online literacy and broadband infrastructure, experts have warned.

Broadband Internet Access and the Digital Divide: Federal Assistance Programs

With the conclusion of the grant and loan awards established by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, there remain two primary ongoing federal vehicles which direct federal money to fund broadband infrastructure: the broadband and te

5G will be the next revolution in global communications, but the US may be left behind

Harvard Law School's Susan Crawford has written a new book,  “Fiber: The Coming Tech Revolution — and Why America Might Miss It.” She's assembled her concerns about US connectivity, along with her suggestions how to alleviate them.

Sixth Annual School Networking Infrastructure Survey

Increased investment from the E-rate program’s modernization is helping to improve school Wi-Fi and broadband connectivity. 69 percent of school system leaders are “very confident” in their wireless network’s ability to support one device per stud

Investing in Indigenous Connectivity Is an Investment in Our Future Online

The newly-released 2018 Indigenous Connectivity Summit (ICS) Community Report shows a strong correlation between Indigenous connectivity and the well-being and sustainability of rural and remote Indigenous communities, especially when solutions ar

Creative Orientation Means Success In Broadband and Telehealth

Two years ago I wrote that community broadband builders have two options for network deployment: they could use the problem-solving approach or the creation orie

In Buffalo's 'digital deserts,' more than half of households lack internet

The digital divide looks like Buffalo’s (NY) Broadway Market on a Friday afternoon: a dozen round tables thronged with lunchgoers – and nary a laptop or tablet among them.

Could 5G close the digital divide between urban and rural communities?

In trying to push 5G to rural areas, telecommunication companies say they are faced with high costs to install infrastructure and not enough customers to defray those costs.