Universal Broadband

The United States of Broadband Map

Around the country, local governments are grappling with the challenge of getting quality broadband access to their citizens, but without data about what speeds customers are actually experiencing, making effective policy becomes impossible.

The Strategic Exclusion of Puerto Rico’s Data From the Broadband Deployment Report

The Ajit Pai-led Federal Communications Commission failed to include very important data about the status of broadband availability in the US territories affected by these 2017 disasters in 2019’s Broadband Deployment Report.

For Some Iowans, No Internet Choice At Any Cost

While the Federal Communications Commission reports that 90 percent of Iowans have access to advanced broadband, others, including Microsoft, argue that measurement of access is grossly overstated, as only about 30 percent of Iowans actually use b

Visualizing Connectivity in North Carolina

At the beginning of 2019, our Community Broadband Networks team visited North Carolina as part of the Let’s Connect speaking tour.

USDA’s Rural broadband plan met with citizen criticism and concerns

Slow speeds, bad coverage and expensive service. These are just some of the concerns contained in nearly 300 public comments on Rural Broadband Pilot Program proposed by the US Department of Agriculture.

Free Press Cautiously Optimistic on Pai's Proposed Reforms to Broadband Data and Maps

On July 11, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai released a draft proposal to improve the FCC’s broadband-deployment data-collecti

Becoming Broadband Ready Means Community Innovation and Collaboration

Next Century Cities teamed up with the Internet Society and Neighborly to create the Becoming Broadband Ready toolkit.

Consumers suffer under California broadband deregulation

In 2012, California decided to deregulate the broadband internet industry until 2020 with the aim of encouraging greater consumer choice, economic growth and innovation. Eight years later, these benefits have not materialized.

FCC Authorizes $524 Million for Rural Broadband Expansion in 23 States

The Federal Communications Commission authorized over $524 million in funding over the next decade to expand broadband to 205,520 unserved rural homes and businesses in 23 states, representing the third wave of support from 2018’s successful Conne

FCC Authorizes $39.2 Million For Rural Broadband In New York

The Federal Communications Commission authorized over $39.2 million in federal funding over the next decade to expand broadband to 15,442 unserved rural New York homes and businesses, in partnership with the state’s New NY Broadband Program.