Electromagnetic frequencies used for wireless communications

Why T-Mobile Promises Not to Raise Prices for Faster 5G Mobile Service

T-Mobile’s pricing is under scrutiny as both federal and state regulators continue to evaluate its proposed merger with Sprint. CEO John Legere recently sent a letter to Federal Communications Commission chair Ajit Pai pledging not to raise prices

Remarks Of Chairman Ajit Pai At The National Association Of Tower Erectors Annual Conference

I’m constantly meeting with the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) and its members for a very practical reason.


Schools, Health, and Libraries Broadband Coalition

Thu, 02/21/2019 - 15:00

What do the gaps in your TV channels, the "homework gap", Educational Broadband Service (EBS), and 5G all have in common? All are current hot topics in the field of broadband spectrum, which has been buzzing with activity over the last few years. It’s all very exciting, but can be difficult to follow for those new to the spectrum policy sphere.

“Key Concepts in Spectrum Policy” offers the need-to-know background on the different licensing regimes, the key proceedings at the FCC, the relationship between spectrum and 5G, and why it all matters for community anchor institutions.

Tech and utilities clash over proposed FCC rule to allow unlicensed users to access the 6GHz band

The Federal Communications Commission recently proposed a new rule that will allow unlicensed users to access the 6 GHz band — a frequency on the radio spectrum — for Wi-Fi connectivity, causing a disagreement between broadband companies that woul

400 MHz of Mid-band Spectrum for 5G will add $274 Billion to America’s Economy, Create 1.3 Million Jobs

Making 400 MHz of mid-band spectrum available for commercial 5G networks will add $274 billion to the U.S.


New America

Tue, 02/05/2019 - 12:00 to 13:45

Senator John McCain once described the free grant of digital TV channels to broadcasters as "one of the great rip-offs in American history. They used to rob trains in the Old West, now we rob spectrum."

T-Mobile’s new 600MHz hot spot is intended to provide broadband to rural customers

T-Mobile announced the launch of the Coolpad Surf, a 600MHz mobile hot spot that’s aiming to bring service to rural areas.

Auction 101 Bidding Concludes

The Federal Communications Commission's Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and the Office of Economics and Analytics report that there were no bids, withdrawals, or proactive activity rule waivers placed in round 176 of Auction 101, the FCC’s auct

California’s Public Advocates Office argues strongly against T-Mobile/Sprint merger

California’s Public Advocates Office, a nonpartisan and publicly funded agency that advocates on behalf of California residents with respect to energy, water, and communications regulations, strongly recommended a denial of T-Mobile’s pr

Commissioner Rosenworcel: 2.5 GHz spectrum key for 5G in rural areas

Wireless carriers would benefit if the Federal Communications Commission were to conduct an incentive auction for the 2.5 GHz airwaves that were allocated years ago for educational purposes, according to FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel.