Electromagnetic frequencies used for wireless communications

Emerging Technologies and their Expected Impact on Non-Federal Spectrum Demand

The Presidential Memorandum of October 25, 2018, “Developing a Sustainable Spectrum Strategy for America’s Future,” calls for the development of a National Spectrum Strategy.

Research and Development Priorities for American Leadership in Wireless Communications

This report on recommendations for national spectrum research and development (R&D) priorities sets a vision to improve the national economic impact of electromagnetic spectrum for an increasingly wide range of communications, networking, loca

Sprint’s 5G network is here, and it’s completely different from what Verizon and AT&T are doing

Sprint is launching its 5G network in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Kansas City, becoming the third major US operator to kick off the next era of mobile data. For Sprint, 5G is about a lot more than coverage: it’s about dependability.

AT&T Confirms "Nationwide" 5G Plans

AT&T President of Operations Scott Mai, confirmed AT&T nationwide 5G plans, saying that, by this time next year, the carrier will have nationwide coverage for 5G, albeit with a somewhat liberal view of what nationwide means. To AT&T, n

We’re Running Out of Spectrum for Both New and Old Technologies

We want our radio and TV broadcasts and cellphone reception to just work. Who cares how? But now might be a good time to start caring.

Department of Justice Wants T-Mobile to Create New Competitor as Part of Deal

Apparently, top Justice Department officials want T-Mobile US and Sprint to lay the groundwork for a new wireless carrier -- with its own network -- as a condition to clearing their $26.5 billion merger. But the idea of spinning off a full-fledged

FCC Concludes First High-Band 5G Airwaves Auctions

The Federal Communications Commission announced the conclusion of bidding in Auction 102, the FCC’s second auction of millimeter wave spectrum suitable for 5G, which is providing licenses in the 24 GHz band.

Sen Lee Introduces Government Spectrum Valuation Act

Sen Mike Lee (R-UT) introduced the Government Spectrum Valuation Act, a bill designed to estimate the value of electromagnetic spectrum assigned to each federal agency as a first step towards meeting the nations spectrum needs.

Head of NOAA says 5G deployment could set weather forecasts back 40 years. The wireless industry denies it.

What if, suddenly, decades of progress in weather prediction was reversed and monster storms that we currently see coming for days were no longer foreseeable? The toll on life, property and the economy would be enormous.

Justice Department staff had urged rejection of Sprint-T-Mobile merger

Justice Department staff members who’ve have been reviewing the proposed merger of T-Mobile and Sprint had recommended that the US government sue to block the $26 billion deal, fearing the combination of the country’s third- and f