Electromagnetic frequencies used for wireless communications

FCC Adopts 3 Items in Advance of Chairman Pai's Last Meeting

The Federal Communications Commission adopted the following items scheduled for consideration at the Wednesday, January 13, 2021, Open Meeting:

Chairman Pai Remarks on Closing the Digital Divide

Looking ahead, the biggest challenge facing the long-term health of the FCC’s universal service programs is the way they are funded. We are in a unique position to solve this challenge. Here’s how. Back when I was a Commissioner in 2016, I proposed that Congress should authorize a dividend from the sale of wireless spectrum that would go toward closing the digital divide. Whenever the FCC auctioned spectrum for flexible use, we would set aside 10% of the net auction proceeds for the deployment of broadband in unserved communities. I thought it was a good idea then.

2020 Year in Review

Among the Department of Commerce's accomplishments in 2020:


American Enterprise Institute

Thu, 01/14/2021 - 16:30 to 18:00

As demand grows for more capable networks, optimizing wireless spectrum — the ranges of radio waves used for wireless communication — is important for America’s digital future. Reallocating spectrum for commercial and government use has been a top priority in recent years. This means working with international, federal, and state officials to reallocate spectrum to those who can make better use of it, maximizing the potential of this limited resource. How have the many government agencies involved tackled this issue?

Second Annual Report on the Status of Spectrum Repurposing

The United States continues to build on its 5G leadership and is critically focused on repurposing radiofrequency spectrum – especially through investment in America’s mid-band spectrum. Our country leads the world in availability of high- and low-band spectrum for commercial wireless services. Now, as this Report highlights, the United States is making tremendous strides in repurposing important mid-band spectrum.

5G Challenge Notice of Inquiry

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration, under sponsorship of and in collaboration with the Department of Defense 5G Initiative, is seeking comments and recommendations from all interested stakeholders to explore the creation of a 5G Challenge that would accelerate the development of the open 5G stack ecosystem in support of Department of Defense missions. These comments will help NTIA and the U.S. Government identify and mitigate the challenges in creating and executing a competition.

Statement on the Recent FCC Enforcement Action Against Voqal USA

The Instructional Telecommunications Foundation (ITF) (d/b/a Voqal USA) is dismayed by the FCC Republican majority’s decision to approve a Notice of Apparent Liability (NAL) against ITF. The Commission’s findings ignore our exemplary record, full compliance with all FCC requirements, and longstanding commitment to educational service. We look forward to responding in detail to the NAL. “The FCC is taking this action against ITF for allegedly not following the very rules it recently eliminated.

FCC Proposes Over $47 Million In Fines For Failing To Meet Educational Requirements For Licensed Spectrum

The Federal Communications Commission proposed fines on 10 entities for apparently failing to provide the educational services required by Educational Broadband Service (EBS) spectrum licenses they hold.

FCC Adds Three Items to Jan 13 Meeting Agenda

In addition to five panels summarizing the work of the Federal Communications Commission over the past four years, the commission will consider the following --

What to Watch During Pai's Last Weeks at the FCC

Although Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai has yet to issue any plans for narrowing the liability protections for tech companies, as President Donald Trump and some conservatives want, he’s been keeping busy. Chairman Pai is attempting to knock out objectives by circulating proposals for votes rather than holding formal ones during the FCC’s last official meeting under him on Jan.