Electromagnetic frequencies used for wireless communications

Chairman Pai Response to Sens Wyden and Cantwell Regarding 24 GHz Auction

On May 13, Sens Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Maria Cantwell (D-WA) sent a letter to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai with a straight-forward request: don't allow wireless companies to operate in a 24 GHz band until vital weather forecas

Ligado’s Wireless Plans Caught In 5G Agency Crossfire

Ligado Networks LLC’s plan to develop some of the nation’s most valuable airwaves is being undercut by disagreements between US regulators over the deployment of 5G technology—miring the company’s business in a holding pattern and pressuring its f

Schools and Phone Companies Face Off Over Wireless Spectrum

The Federal Communications Commission recently published a plan to auction off unused wireless spectrum originally set aside for schools.

Chairman Pai Remarks to the New York State Wireless Association on 5G

A look at the Federal Communications Commission's 5G strategy -- the 5G FAST plan -- which consists of three central components: 1) freeing up much more spectrum for the commercial marketplace, 2) promoting wireless infrastructure deployment, and

5G Push Slowed by Squabbles Over ‘Sweet Spot’ of US Airwaves

US wireless companies’ limited access to some of the nation’s most valuable airwaves threatens to slow down their plans to build faster 5G networks.

Starry aims to bring its $50, 200Mbps broadband to 25 more US states

Starry, a wireless home Internet provider, says it has acquired enough spectrum to offer service to 40 million households in more than 25 US states.

SHLB Says FCC Order to Auction EBS Spectrum Would be Disastrous for Students, 5G and Rural America

Eliminating the educational priority for EBS would be disastrous for online learning, 5G deployment, and rural consumers.

FCC Announces Tentative Agenda for July 2019 Open Meeting

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai announced that the items below are tentatively on the agenda for the Open FCC Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, July 10, 2019:

Chairman Pai Blog: A Giant Leap For 5G

At the Federal Communications Commission’s July 10 meeting, we will aim to take some important steps forward on the spectrum side of our Facilitating America's Superiority in 5G Technology (5G FAST) plan.