Electromagnetic frequencies used for wireless communications

FCC Resolves White Spaces Issues

In a report and order adopted March 20, the Federal Communications Commission has sent the signal that allowing the so-called white spaces between TV channels to be used for fixed and mobile wireless devices are ready for prime time.

FCC Commissioner O'Rielly's Remarks before the ACA Annual Summit

From constructing, reforming, and operating more efficient subsidy programs, to installing regulatory flexibility for operators, to striking the byzantine regulatory straightjacket of socalled “net neutrality,” this Commission has taken necessary

Commissioner Carr Remarks at WISPAmerica in Cincinnati

At the Federal Communications Commission, we’re working to be good partners for broadband builders like you [Wireless internet service providers].

FCC takes steps to facilitate broadband services in the 900 MHz band

This Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) proposes to reconfigure the 900 MHz band to facilitate broadband via a market-driven, voluntary exchange process to allow existing licensees to agree to a voluntarily plan for relocating incumbents and for

FCC Seeks Public Comment on Partitioning, Disaggregation, & Spectrum Leasing Rules

The Federal Communications Commission opened a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to develop a record on whether the existing partitioning, disaggregation, and spectrum leasing rules have succeeded and to evaluate whether they could be modified. Specif

FCC Takes Steps To Open Spectrum Horizons For New Services And Technologies

The Federal Communications Commission adopted new rules to encourage the development of new communications technologies and expedite the deployment of new services in the spectrum above 95 GHz.

FCC to auction off wireless spectrum that could interfere with vital weather data, rejecting requests from US House and science agencies

The Federal Communications Commission intends to move ahead with a plan to auction off wireless radio frequencies that scientists say could negatively impact critical satellite data used in weather forecasting.

House Science Committee Leaders Seek FCC Delay in 5G Spectrum Auction

House Science Committee Chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) and Ranking Member Frank Lucas (R-OK) asked the Federal Communications Commission to delay a radio frequency spectrum auction for next-generation 5G wireless communications, which is

Deletion Of Items From March 15, 2019 Open Meeting

The following items have been adopted by the Federal Communications Commission and deleted from the list of items scheduled for consideration at the March 15 Open Meeting:

Critical weather data threatened by FCC ‘spectrum’ proposal, Commerce Dept and NASA say

The Federal Communications Commission has proposed policy that could jeopardize the collection of vital information for weather prediction, the heads of the Commerce Department and NASA say.