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Online Learning Only Works if Students Have Home Internet Access. Some Don't.

The historic $2 trillion “economic rescue” bill includes key funding, which New America explains here, for a number

It's Not Just the Content, It's the Business Model: Democracy’s Online Speech Challenge

This report, the first in a two-part series, articulates the connection between surveillance-based business models and the health of democracy.

New America Urges FCC to Abandon “Misguided and Cynical” Lifeline Proposal

New America's Open Technology Institute urged the Federal Communications Commission to abandon a cynical set of proposals that would weaken the Lifeline program and jeopardize consumer privacy.

Rebooting Internet Freedom

Ten years ago, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s landmark speech on internet freedom elevated the promotion of a free and open global internet to a k

The Cost of Connectivity in Ammon, Idaho

Municipal broadband networks can have a positive impact on their communities.

The Decade that Shook the Open Web

The global internet has accelerated economic growth in many countries, and online-offline movements like #BlackLivesMatter, the Umbrella Movement, #MeToo, and #MarchForOurLives underscore social media’s potential to affect real change in the world