New America

The Data Portability Act: More User Control, More Competition

For twenty years, the US’ approach to protecting privacy has relied primarily on notice and consent. As US policymakers work to develop legislation to protect users’ privacy, however, it is time to move away from that regime.

Centering Civil Rights in the Privacy Debate

In our increasingly digitized world, it is critical to protect individuals’ privacy. As policymakers consider passing meaningful privacy legislation, civil rights protections are a critical but mostly overlooked component.

Privacy Rights are Civil Rights

Protecting privacy is especially important for marginalized communities, who are disproportionately harmed by the exploitation of personal information enabled by inadequate privacy protections.

The United States of Broadband Map

Around the country, local governments are grappling with the challenge of getting quality broadband access to their citizens, but without data about what speeds customers are actually experiencing, making effective policy becomes impossible.

New America Urges FCC to Reject Petition That Would Harm Schools and Libraries

New America’s Open Technology Institute called on the Federal Communications Commission to reject a petition that would harm the E-Rate program, whi