New America

Journalists Struggle to Understand Americans' Relationship to News

“The four elements of literacy—the ability to find, understand, create and act on information—are part of the ‘new literacies’ of the modern era: information literacy, digital literacy, media literacy and news literacy. … No one is born with these literacies. Education matters,” writes the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s Eric Newton for the Knight Commission on Trust, Media, and Democracy. "Whose job is it to help a community understand news?” Journalism is an inextricable component of a healthy democracy.

The Role of Antitrust Law When Mergers Threaten Consumer Privacy

Where does antitrust law fit in when consumer privacy is at stake? Antitrust law promotes competition—not privacy. The courts’ interpretation of antitrust laws limits their ability to protect privacy. The slow nature of law enforcement means that protecting privacy through antitrust enforcement alone would likely still leave consumers vulnerable.

How the Internet Is Taking Center Stage in Great Power Competition

The internet—particularly its architecture and governance—is a major factor in state power and an important element of this era of great power competition, especially between the United States and China. There may be other, “flashier” technologies out there, sure, but in preparing for great power competition, let’s not forget what already enables cyber attacks, online commerce, and global connectedness in the broadest sense each and every day.