New America

Who Run the Network? Men.

[Commentary] Are organizations taking sexual harassment allegations against powerful men seriously?

Republicans Complaining About Surveillance Are Still Ignoring Civil Liberties Issues

[Commentary] By all means, let’s use the President Donald Trump fuss about spying to foster a discussion about so-called “incidental” spying that collects the American side of a conversation with a targeted foreigner without a warrant.

Companies Aren’t off the Hook When It Comes to User Privacy

The Federal Communications Commission privacy guidelines would have put some of this control back in consumers’ hands: They required broadband providers to obtain opt-in consent from consumers to use and share sensitive information, and to allow u

Fake News, Media Literacy, and the Role of Our Nation’s Schools

Fake news is simply the canary in the coal mine of a much larger systemic failure—the crumbling of an entire set of institutions in the face of seismic forces shaking our society.

Ranking Digital Rights Partners with Consumer Reports to Set Standards for Privacy and Security

Consumer Reports is launching a new initiative to develop a digital standard to measure the privacy and security of products, apps, and services with the goal of helping companies prioritize consumers’ data security and privacy needs.

Getting Internet Companies to Do the Right Thing

[Commentary] New America’s Open Technology Institute has been working on answering this question: how do you get companies to do the right thing?

Cecilia Muñoz to Lead New Public Interest Technology Work at New America

New America is pleased to announce the appointment of former White House Domestic Policy Council Director Cecilia Muñoz to direct a major new initiative in public interest technology and to lead the New America National Network, starting April 1,

Protect the Free and Open Internet

The incoming US administration will face unprecedented challenges to internet freedom, and without strong leadership by the world’s major democracies, internet users can expect that their freedom of expression and access to information will contin

Stop Beating up on Journalism. Let’s Revive It.

Let’s not let a good crisis in journalism go to waste.

Don’t Connect to a Public Wi-Fi Network Anywhere You Wouldn’t Go Barefoot

[Commentary] Coffee shops, parks—bring your device to any public place and see what networks are out there.