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The Transparency Reporting Toolkit: Content Takedown Reporting

As the internet has become an increasingly important tool for free expression around the world, major platforms and networks that carry that expression have assumed the role of speech gatekeepers, often removing or blocking users' content for vari

Why Diversity Should Be a Part of the Media-Merger Conversation

Major changes are afoot in Hollywood, spurred by a pattern of rapid corporate media consolidation. While these mergers have received critical attention, the conversation has largely ignored something else big: the implications that this media mane

The Good, the Bad, and the 5G

The buzz over “5G,” the next generation of wireless technology, has been heating up, but most of the hype fails to account for the fact that a robust, innovative, and affordable 5G wireless ecosystem for all Americans will not result from empoweri

Net Neutrality Has Always Been a Bipartisan Issue

Congressional and state actions to preserve strong net neutrality protections have bipartisan support—while the Federal Communications Commission’s repeal had bipartisan opposition. Put another way, net neutrality is, and has always been, a