New America

One Year In: New America's Updated Progress Report on FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

[Commentary] One year ago, President Trump designated Ajit Pai as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

Crap, I Forgot to Go Incognito!

[Commentary] What if Google posted your search history online? All of it, I mean—even the stuff you looked at years ago (or perhaps yesterday) in Incognito Mode.

With Your Smartphone, Fear Is Never Far Away

In a blink of an evolutionary eye, radio and television then give way to smartphones—all of the world’s threats in your hand, all the time. “The smartphone, especially, more than pretty much any other technology that existed before, is constant,”

New America Challenges FCC Chairman Pai’s Net Neutrality Repeal by Filing Protective Petition for Review in DC Circuit

New America's Open Technology Institute became one of the first parties to challenge the Federal Communications Commission’s harmful order repealing the net neutrality rules by filing a protective petition for review in the DC Circuit.

House Intelligence Committee’s Section 702 Bill: Surveillance Expansion and No Meaningful Reform

On Jan 11, the House of Representatives will likely vote on a stand-alone measure to reauthorize and expand Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which is set to expire on January 19, 2018. The bill to be voted on is a modified